14th Deadly Sin PDF Download

14th Deadly Sin PDF Download

By: James Patterson & Maxine Paetro
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2015-05-04

Say-Say Jane

Poor effort; Patterson's just doing it for the money now, and it shows. He was pretty good once, but when you lose your fastball you ought to step away and not rip off the public.


I'am a big Patterson fan. Felt cheated at end. Bad way to end a book. Slow down and up the quality!


Great read from the first to last page. This book kept me up reading late into the night!!! Fantastic


Loved the suspense and surprises in the book. Again Patterson and Maxine present a story with suspense and twists as to the killers. Surprise ending will have you looking for the next book. I am a die hard fan of Patterson's books.


Must read.

Formerfan 2015

Worst Patterson to date. Pitiful excuse and the Women's Murder Club deserves better!

Sid Richmond

Disappointing to invest time and money in 14 books and to have one stop dead in the middle of a plot to make me purchase a sequel. Won't happen. I'm through with this series and this author!


This was the worst book I have read as an adult, and maybe the worst ever. This was just a stupid story about even stupider cops who try to pull off a series of crimes, none of them especially ingenious. Patterson weaves in some other simple and dumb story lines. There is no real character development. The NY Times should be ashamed for putting this on their best-seller list. They should exclude sophomoric attempts at literature.

Polish Proncess

Loved the book but the ending was wretched. Why leave us hanging unless we know when the next book is due out? Shame on you guys!😢😡

Kaylas Aunt

Great book till the end of book. I hate cliff hangers..is it going to take another year to find out what happens.


1st of the Women's Murder Club books I've read and I won't read any previous ones or the sequel.


The book was good, until the 'end'? What a crappy way to end the book.