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By: James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2015-08-03

Bajan Darkie

I loveee James Patterson’s book but this book was so awful. I could not even finish this book


I thought this was a very good read! I didn't want to put the book down!


Awful, awful, awful. Review by SLZ Tahoe above says it all -- well, except for the fact that this is yet another time that I'm irritated that one can't really "delete" a book on an iPad (it's always there, even when you "delete" it) because I'm embarrassed to have this in my "library."


I love Michael Bennett series, but this book was just horrible. Would normally take me a weekend to read a book -- this one told over two weeks. Had to force myself to finish it. Not their best work at all.

SLZ Tahoe

It's really hard to imagine a book this bad, especially partially written by such a famous author. I'm just shaking my head and sorry I took the time to finish it.

kay pea

I really wanted to like this book because I love the Michael Bennett series, but I had to force myself to keep reading. It was just too out there and not enough good writing and lacked a good twist. Disappointed.


This book wow is all I can say from beginning to end such a well written book with tons of excitement . I like how there isn't to many characters to remember and way to many turns its alot easier to follow the book . Patterson outdoes himself and im getting the rest of the Michael Bennett series !

Mac inaction

There are many great books written that never get published, because the author is unknown and it is their first book. Yet, it seems ridiculous that just because your name is James Patterson, it can be added to a terrible story, badly written and boring plot, it can then be published. These ghost written, mass produced books are an insult to authors trying to get published. I an not sure when James Patterson lost the plot but it was a long time ago. Never again.


Thanks for the headsup...I gave up on Patterson a few years ago....he and his co-authors seem to mail it in....which usually happens when you become a conglomerate instead of a great writer.


I love the Mike Bennet books, so I bought this one. The authors are just not doing their best. If it wasn't Mike Bennet, I would have stopped reading. Definitely would not recommend.