Wildfire In His Arms PDF Download

Wildfire In His Arms PDF Download

By: Johanna Lindsey
Genre: Historical, Romance
Relase Date: 2015-06-16


I'm a longtime Lindsey reader, but have felt the Mallory storyline ran its course about four books ago (we get it - no matter who the story is about, James and Tony are the best ever). Was definitely excited when this line started (this is 2nd book I believe), because I greatly enjoyed Lindsey's old western romances (re: Brave the Wild Wind, Savage Thunder, etc) and was eager to get to a new thread with her tales. Maybe it's been years of romance novel plot weariness (Lindsey and Eloisa James are the only two I bother to read anymore), but this storyline took me a bit by surprise. And I loved it! It read like a true original and, for the most part, character choices made sense to me. Fun read that created much anticipation, which is something I've been missing for years! Felt like a newbie again when reading this one 😋


I love Johanna's books but what happened to this one? I'm inly on pg 510 and already I've come across 4 spots where the story just drops off. The sentence isn't even finished. It just goes to the next chapter. Someone mess up on publishing this book. Disappointed. :-(

Romance Reader10001

Horrible writing, choppy plot line and under developed characters. What has happened to Johanna Lindsey she used to write such great books.