After We Fell PDF Download

After We Fell PDF Download

By: Anna Todd
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2014-12-30


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Just love it


This was my second time reading this book and it never ceases to impress me. I can't wait to get my hands on book 4.

Milesf 1

Thank you for the honor of reading something so beautiful and romantic. I am dyslexic and I barely cannot read. This is one of the books that has kept my attention which is miraculous. A mom of two as a fashion exec sometimes we all need an escape. Thanks! Write more


Even after having previously read the Wattpad version, I was still, once again, glued to this book, to this story. Anna Todd is an amazing writer. You will fall in love with her characters and feel their emotions as if you were living their lives. I can't stop reading her books quickly, but I want to slow down because I don't want them to ever end. It is unfathomable that After was her first published book. She is so talented. Please Anna, keep writing! I want more!


This series has to be my all time favorite. I absolutely love it, the drama, hessa. Just everything! You pulled me in on the very first word. I just fell in love. You're an amazing writer.

Jillian Di

I absolutely loooove this series. I literally can not put the books down. However, there is one thing that is really bothering me, especially with the third book in particular... The amount of typos. There are many in each book, and it's deterring from the genuinely amazing writing of the series. I'm really hoping they issue an update and fix them.


okay so this is one of the best series i've ever read. i never read. its not my thing. but as soon as i read the first few pages of the first book i was instantly hooked. i reccomend this book to literally everyone. even if you're not a directioner its still a well written love story. it had me up till 7 am reading! "just one more chapter" I'd tell myself EVERY NIGHT. definitley a must read


I literally woke up and read this book until I fell asleep. I could not put it down ❤️


Just the same pathetic relationship built on sex and lies. Hardin is still an arse and Tessa is still too weak to leave him because she's deluded herself into thinking he needs to be fixed by HER of all people, when he's long gone.


I can't put the series down!!! Very well written and always keeps me on edge!


This series could've been finished with the second book, but of course the author had to drag it out leaving her only solution of a plot was continuous fighting, breaking up and having sex to solve their problems. The good reviews are by children with no idea of what proper literature is. This is just awful. Save your money. I pray for the people who praise it.