P.S. I Still Love You PDF Download

P.S. I Still Love You PDF Download

By: Jenny Han
Genre: Coming of Age, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2015-05-26

Victor tatro

I mean i’ve never finished reading a book so fast. Immediately after i finished To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before i read this book and it was amazing. I almost never read but this really makes me want to never stop.


honestly we didn’t need this book. the beginning could’ve been written in the end of the first book. the first and last books are the only ones that i felt progressed the story. this one didn’t seem to do that for me.


It is so thought provoking and sweet I just love it! PLEASE ADD MORE BOOKS I DONT WANT IT TO END!!!!


Best series ever. I can't stop reading this series its so good! I bought the whole series and I don't have any regrets.



Ron Finnegan

I have read over 3,000 novels in the last ten years and this is the worst. Don’t waste the time I wasted on this book. Boring and very hard to finish. Felt like I got really ripped off. Slow read about nothing. As a very educated person, gifted psychology teacher, I can see how the author cons young people into reading this trash. Few of my high school gifted students started to read this book and felt insulted. Maybe if your a special education student it MIGHT give you some light on high school girls, but i don’t think so. One word to describe the author is CON GIRL that sees an opportunity to steal money from young students. Sad Very sad.


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Late twenty’s will love this teenage love story


I don’t enjoy reading, but this series has me hooked! I can’t seem to put it down, I don’t want it to end!

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Honestly this book makes you feel like you’re in it everytime you read a bit of it. I felt like I was lara jean. I fell all the emotions through the book. I’m in love.

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