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By: James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2014-09-29


I thought this one of the best M.Bennett books to date until you didn't end it like a real novelist but settled for a cheap "keep them going " to make more money. Are you afraid that you aren't good enough anymore to write and finish what was a good story ? Cheap , cheap , cheap. Brian Weir


Just a fair book in my mind. Interesting in bringing mike and family back from protection in California. Beyond that just an attempt to put him back to work in New York.. The story was weak and full of holes.

Say-Say Jane

The family stuff is a waste of time. I flip through it until I get back to the story line. I doubt I'm the only one.


Well written, however, story line is predictable and mediocre at best.


A very compelling read. Especially good if you are already invested in the characters. But the ending is VERY weak. So many open questions and story lines that were just left hanging. I get it that you're going to do a sequel, but first finish the story lines in the current book.

Gameplayer Star

I was real excited for this book to finally hit the market. I've been a big James Patterson fan for a real long time. Needless to say I was totally disappointed with the book. To be left hanging again wasn't fair, I guess the bottom line is all that counts. I've preordered the next Alex cross book and I sure hope he's done a better job with that one then he did with this one.


As always, James Patterson delivered. I love the Mike Bennett series, as well as all the others. Kept me going through the whole book. And, I loved the ending!


This was a mildly entertains read for a transatlantic flight


To much family and not enough story action


It was alright until the end......


It's a quick " Jim Patterson" read. Entertaining through 75%...then all of a sudden! the ends don't connect as well as you hope they would. It's ok, kind of grisly topic, but overall I rated as 3 stars because I expected more of an ending. Am sure the movie will be better.


Oh my GOD, I could not get past page 30!!! What the heck is going on with this confusing, boring book???.