The Returned PDF Download

The Returned PDF Download

By: Jason Mott
Genre: Literary, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2014-04-01


I watched the series of the Returned which I enjoyed, it is the reason I bought the book which turned out to be very cleansing as I too had a very explosive relationship with my mother, I was lucky I got to say goodbye to her and recently I dreamed her, she told me she was happy and the book helped me.

Rick 7140

I agree with the "Great Idea" poster. The premise of the book had a lot of promise but the author couldn't pull it off. You end up with a myopic, claustrophobic mystery with no resolution. How sad


I think this is a very good writer, with a great idea. Having said that.....I felt it was anticlimactic. It built up but didn't go anywhere, I felt dissatisfied, even after reading his prologue as to how he came up with the story.