Already Dead PDF Download

Already Dead PDF Download

By: Stephen Booth
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2014-10-21

Jane WA

Another exciting page turner I couldn’t put down once I began reading. Thank you!


As usual, Stephen Booth’s characters manage to be intriguing and unreachable, while at the same time being down to earth and realistic. They have a real-life view of the world and are solid three dimensional people with hope and dreams you can relate to. The story starts out with an attention grabbing scene, and keeps moving at a fast pace. The narrative manages to weave a seamless tapestry to bring all diverse elements together. The characters are so strong, that at times you want to shake Cooper, and slap Fry, bu tin the end, everythingl blends together seamlessly to make a novel well worth reading.