Private L.A. PDF Download

Private L.A. PDF Download

By: James Patterson & Mark Sullivan
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2014-02-10


Poor plot, Lots of sexual content, characters that don't even have something to do! Don't waste your money on Physical/Digital copies!!


I can't stop reading this book it's so interesting I love it


Good read.

Saints Fan Forever

Great book Nuff said!!!!!


Poorly written, predictable plot, characters that make no sense... Do not waste your money...


Great novel with tons of action and an interesting plot. I do have to say as a young adult there was some akward and inappropriate content. There were references to sex toys and some harsh language(f-bombs and b-words). This really changed my view on such a great story! My rating: PG-13: thematically intense scenes and themes, violence, gore, graphically portrayed violence, sexual situations and references and brief yet coarse language- not for anyone under 15 years old