The Kissing Booth PDF Download

The Kissing Booth PDF Download

By: Beth Reekles
Genre: Romance, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2013-04-09


My word!! Best book EVER! Totally recommended. You can’t put it down once you start it and you still won’t want to put it down when you finish it. This book is a necessity on your bookshelf!!

tatlor swift


Anonymous Anne

it was a really good book and i highly recommend it the movie kinda followed an outline of the book but the books storyline is so much more intriguing


It look me about 3 days to read this entire book. I could not put it down. I loved it and I love watching the movie over and over again.


Omg i love this so much please make a 2 I’ve watched this so many times in a roll this is everything so perfect 😭❤️😊🤤😍🤤😇


One of the worst books I’ve read

madalina coman

I am not even a teenager and it reminded me of my teenage years. Would love to see another book come out about these two! Mădălina


I love the book, it was really amazing and y’all should read it before it’s too late 😉💕

Baillie Martin

The “Kissing Booth” was definitely different than others and very creative. However, I find the whole book/movie very immature and ‘Nickelodeon like”. There were several plot holes, and I feel they could’ve definitely found a better cast.


Thank you so much for writing this awesome story! You should definitely give us more of it lol but I absolutely loved it! The movie did it zero justice! Many blessings on your next stories ❤️

kierstin steward

I watched the movie then read the book it is really good after I watched it once I watched it again that night I do really recommend the book and movie the kissing booth it’s early good


Amazing movie and book One of my top 5 movies ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)