The Kissing Booth PDF Download

The Kissing Booth PDF Download

By: Beth Reekles
Genre: Romance, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2013-04-09


I love the book, it was really amazing and y’all should read it before it’s too late 😉💕

Baillie Martin

The “Kissing Booth” was definitely different than others and very creative. However, I find the whole book/movie very immature and ‘Nickelodeon like”. There were several plot holes, and I feel they could’ve definitely found a better cast.

kierstin steward

I watched the movie then read the book it is really good after I watched it once I watched it again that night I do really recommend the book and movie the kissing booth it’s early good


Amazing movie and book One of my top 5 movies ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


I was so sad to read this book where Noah’s behavior was accepted. He was manipulative, angry and violent but he’s so hot. Sorry ladies, these kind of guys will only get worse, it doesn’t matter how they look. Be careful out there!

Kissing Booth Lover

I love this sooooooooo much! The movie is also great!!!!!! I am so thankful for Beth Reekles!!!!!!!




I love this movie soooo much it is my favorite movie of all time!!!!


When Noah is about to grad from Harvard & what happens with Elle & Noah at that point


I absolutely love it and so do all my friends!!!


I love this movie even Noah yumm


This book was absolutely amazing this is my new favorite book because it was so good I would love for there to be a sequel to this book!!!