Beyond Belief PDF Download

Beyond Belief PDF Download

By: Jenna Miscavige Hill & Lisa Pulitzer
Genre: Religion & Spirituality, Biographies & Memoirs
Relase Date: 2013-02-05

Curious Truth Seeker

Interesting concept. Very well written and informative belief system. I would like to read more as this is only one person's experience. And not at all what I thought Scientology was supposed to be about. This sure gives me further interest to read. Just glad to see this author escaped such a cult.


Wayyyyyyyyyy too much detail. He said , "x" and I said, "y". How in the world would a person remember all the details from dozens/hundreds of conversations over a few decades?


Great book. Very well written with documentation as to time and people! A true expose regarding a harmful lifestyle! Thanks for sharing!


At one point Shelly Miscavige tells Jenna she thinks that her troubles are coming from " misunderstood words, specifically from VolZone (whatever number). Who even talks this way? This is so ridiculous it boggles the sane mind. What kind if people can even halfway believe this bull? This cult is so full of lost people. It is very sad.


It is un fathomable that this cult is still alive today ! The atrocities that people have to go thru because they believe they are doing something to make the world a better place amidst their own hell that they aren't even aware of. Families split, forced abortions , in humane practices , mind control and abuse. This book is a must read and more awareness MUST be communicated about this cult !


I heard about this book a few months back and finally took the time to read it. Soooo glad I did! A couple of years ago as I was having problems with my teenage son, a friend said I should do a course at his church. After her explained to me what the course was about, I decided to give it a try. My son really liked it. He even said he felt very calm and at ease there, so I paid for another. course. I had another friend who found out that we were doing courses and flipped out demanding that we stop being stupid and get out of there. I protested and said we were just doing courses and not getting involved with the church. They informed me that that was how they "Get You". So I did stop, and they called,emailed,and mailed me nonstop. I finally said take me off whatever list you have. I still get stuff sometimes, and lately have been tempted to check out the courses for my son again since it did seem to help him before. I believe if some of the stuff were allowed to be taught without the crazy religion behind it that is abused, many could benefit from it. The book was a great book from beginning to end. I read it in two days. I am so glad I did. It stopped me from getting started with the courses that will ultimately lead to people trying to get you into their church that abuses others. You are very brave to get out of that crazy mess. I am happy to read you have a happy ending and helping others.


I couldn't put this book down. I just finished it and I am in complete shock. This is a terrifying story of corruption. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.


Most informative & interesting book about a cult that I knew very little about.


This was a heartfelt, beautifully written memoir of a very tragic childhood. I was a a public student, Div Six Staff & Sea Org, married & divorced in Scientology when the RPF completely transformed Cedars Hospital to the Big Blue Building. I met and played with many kids while I was involved. When I left, it was unpleasant but not nearly as difficult as it is now. What has happened to these kids is heartbreaking. I applaud Jenna's courage in leaving and in speaking out


Excellent read. Really goes into depth about the Scientology world. Recommend the read to open anyone's eyes about this so called "religion". You have strength and courage Jenna Hill!! Thank you for sharing


Very interesting read. I had no idea!


This was the first book I read about Scientology. Congratulations to Jenna for being able to get out and live her own life. After giving up so much for the church, it is sad she was treated so poorly. I hope she inspires more people to think for themselves and leave before it is too late and their kids are subjected to the treatment that she was.