Me Before You PDF Download

Me Before You PDF Download

By: Jojo Moyes
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Romance
Relase Date: 2012-12-31




This isn’t your normal happily ever after romance. This is heartbreakingly real and you will be engaged in the story till the very end.Five stars all the way.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


It waz good

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I found more that half the book to be slow going, and was not going to finish it. It def picked up in last 200 pages! I had a hard time seeing Will put an end to his life!

Velvet Hammer #1

I truly enjoyed this story, full of strong, memorable characters tackling tough unspeakable topics. Well-written in an engaging, unique style, JoJo made it easy for the reader to personally connect with the cast and feel empathy for each of their circumstances and perspectives. It’s the classic “you never know what you will do till you walk in the other persons shoes” tale. The richness of the novel comes from the way the author weaves each of the supporting characters viewpoint (from their own frailties and life mistakes)into the main plot line. Genius! It makes me want to


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes is the first book in her series, Me Before You . This is the story of Louisa Clark and Will Traynor. It is powerfully emotional, quite heartbreaking but also leaves you with a sad but wistful happiness at the end (read as: Not a TOTAL tragedy, but grab your tissues!) If you have seen the movie, you already know. If not - be prepared for the emotional wringer. Lou is a bit of a mess when we first meet her. She is in denial about the standstill that her life is at and is happy in that denial. Taking the caregiver job out of sheer desperation, she finds herself in a unique and uncomfortable position but when she finally breaks down Will's surly resistance we see that even he cannot resist her charm. Will is a heartbreaking leading character. His quadriplegia has taken away from him every single one of the pleasures he enjoyed in life prior to the accident and left him in pain and with the need to rely on someone 24-7 for help with even the smallest of tasks. Lou absolutely charms the surliness right out of him but her contract is only for six months and there is a reason for that. As I watched the movie before I read the book, the entire time I was able to envision the actors while reading. The movie follow closely while, obviously, not containing all the intricacies that was Lou & Will's relationship. I am beyond pleased that I read the book and will be diving into the next too right away... After You and Still Me. Enjoy!


Really good book


I just finished reading this book and I do not have any words to explain it. Let’s put it this way. This is probably the most I have ever cried for a fictional character. I recommend this book to anyone with a soul or anyone that wants to feel like they have a soul. Look, jus read the gosh darn. It’ll make you laugh, cry (a lot), smile and smirk, and give you all the feelz. And if you have even smallest heart in your body you would scream at Will for making you feel that way. Just read this book. P.S. I’m not lying about that still crying. I’m actually crying while I’m writing this. If I could attach a photo of my dripping face I would, just to show you what this book did to me. Ok bai

Miss viper

I found me before you very enjoyable. I loved Lou and her fresh voice. She was different in a way that made you stop and look twice at her. I hated though how her family treated her. Her father was horrible to her constantly making horribly offensive jokes about her, her weight, her not being smart enough. To say the least his lack of respected for his daughter was horrific but other than that the book was great and the character development was amazing. Truly a literary masterpiece or romance and heartbreak that really does leaving you asking yourself "would it be better to survive or to let go?".


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This book was so enduring, that you are able to feel all of Louisa’s emotions. It has been a while that a story has got me so involved. If you have the time I definitely recommend you give this a read!


Get the Kleenex and chocolate ice cream ready. Wow just wow.