I, Michael Bennett PDF Download

I, Michael Bennett PDF Download

By: James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2012-07-09


What a waste of time and money!! I couldn't believe the story just ended and left you hanging. I have enjoyed most all of the Alex Cross books as well as several other James Patterson reads, but this one was very disappointing.


The book was extremely well written, but the ending was horrible. Please tell the author to do more with endings. I would never recommend this book to a friend.


I will never. Ever. Buy another Patterson book. This was poorly written, uninteresting and a rip off. I don't even care what happens in the next one. Seems Patterson has let greed take over storytelling.


It just dumps you with a prosecutor's head floating in a bathtub; no ending. What a waste of time and money.

Acura Bob

The worse ending of all the books I have ever read!


Leaves you hanging. Nothing is resolved.


Very good read as always. Maybe could have had just a but more to the ending .

I, G-Man

I love the Michael Bennett stories, and was hooked by this one...BUT, this may be the worst ending to a book that I have ever read. Why didn't he just say, "to be continued." You are going to have to buy another book if you want to know how this story ends.


I thought the ending was genius. I enjoy the Michael Bennett series and that his adventure continue. Good job James Patterson. I can't wait for the follow up. Mike Kelly NYS

Larry On Cape Cod

Very disappointing! Makes me wonder if cranking out another book was truly worth losing your reputation. You think? Just give me money back.

Susan Lindsey

Like everyone else the ending was awful!! Then a preview of a book that is not even the 2nd in a series for this one. Very disappointed:(

Matt bu

Great book kept me interested the entire time. I can't wait to see what happens now that the Bennett family had to relocate. I hope Mary Catherine and mike Bennett get married that would be awesome. I also hope they catch perrine that inhumane person.