The Color Purple PDF Download

The Color Purple PDF Download

By: Alice Walker
Genre: Literary, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2011-09-20


The more I wonder, he say, the more I love.


Words can not describe what this book is to me. It is increadibly profound and made me proud to be a woman. Not to mention, Alice Walker’s use of vernacular and detail is flawless and effective.


Each time I read this novel, I find different things to love. First, it was that Celie loved women, then it was how her conception of God changes through the novel, then how all the women grew, but only after eliminating the men in their lives (and how some of the men grew when the women stepped away.) This reading however, I was more struck by Walker's prose. Some complain of the difficulty of the dialect, but I found the opposite — perhaps because I tend to 'hear' the language of books and am a slow reader because of it. Walker's use of the dialect makes the book sing with the rhythms and metaphors of a culture. The reader can 'hear' Celie's growth, and listen to the world Celie in habits through her language. There is a brilliance to Walker for daring to write in the Black vernacular of the early 20th Century and daring the reader to read it. Had her story not been so powerful, so resonate, many would have dismissed the novel. But Walker proved that good story can overcome bias and cultural differences.


This book was mad dope. Such a great read. I loved everything about it!!!


A Spectacular Book ! Very detailed at times unlike the movie but both are amazing. Well done, a must buy !


Never a better novel, my altimeter favorite!!!!!!


It's a great book!


I can't believe I saw the movie & play well before reading the book. I have a totally new outlook on this story.

Marissa Martinezz

It's pretty detailed at times... I wouldn't recommend it to someone under the age of 14. But other than that it's a great book!


I read The Color Purple when I was around 12. And it has always stayed in my memory, love this book.

swcho puddin

I read this book about 15years ago,a white lady lent me her copy to read, and then apologized to me ,I reassured her that it was not news to me, it has been going on forever. The movie war as good,a very good read