Say You Love Me PDF Download

Say You Love Me PDF Download

By: Johanna Lindsey
Genre: Historical, Romance
Relase Date: 2011-08-02


I really thought Say You Love Me was so adorable and had a great plot, especially with James , Anthony, and Derek rescuing Kelsey! That was probably my favorite scene in this book! I love this series!!!


Johanna Lindsey doesn't disappoint! I loved this story! Malory series are a favorite of mine.


The 1st romance novel I have ever read. Meet the Malory family there are filled with complex background for royalty. They are fierce and loving. Derek and Kesly's love-story starts off in a place of ill repute. Neither knowing the truth about their heritage and are surprised by their heart when danger lurks in a sadistic foe. Will they let anything get in the way of their love? A thrilling historical romance writer JL is masterful with every twist and turn while keeping character development so pure and raw. Enjoy :)