Love Only Once PDF Download

Love Only Once PDF Download

By: Johanna Lindsey
Genre: Historical, Romance
Relase Date: 2011-06-28


After devouring the story for the 5th time, thought it was only fitting to give it praise. Thoroughly enjoyed this one but then I do love all the Malory love stories, even Jason & Molly! The latest installment on Judith's & Nathan's love story was delish and left me wanting more of the Malory Saga! Was wondering about Jacqueline, Thomas, & Travis, when will there stories be told? Truly, truly this story's beginning had me captured and held my undivided attention. Favorite part was Miriam's departure...her hatred of an innocent child would move anyone to violence! Glad Nick & Reggie did not let her tear them apart! Hats off to Ms Lindsey on another master piece!


The heroine and her family were terrific. The story was great. But the hero was a jerk. If this was the first book I had read by this author, I would not pick up another one. Sorry!


I know that this is the first in the Malory series, but I read this last. I have to admit I was extremely excited when the wild Captain Hawke, James Malory, was introduced. He was one of my favorite characters, and he still played a great role in this book too. I loved the storyline with Regina and Nick. She drove him crazy, especially when he found out she had his son and he didnt believe it at first. I loved this book, I definitely recommend it!

Grand T x 2

Fantastic story line, fun characters and well written. Great love story!