The Handmaid's Tale PDF Download

The Handmaid's Tale PDF Download

By: Margaret Atwood
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Literary
Relase Date: 2017-04-25


Interesting premise, but the prose is repetitive, approaching boring, at times.


I hated the book early on but it did grow on me over time. It took quite a while before one has a general understanding of what it’s about. It did become quite interesting once there seemed to be some interaction between the characters.

S. P. L.___

WOW!!! This tale is emotionally charged!!! I simply could not put it down. I’m going to see the movie about this tale but I already know that I will be disappointed. I believe that Margaret Atwood designed this tale with the greatest attention to details to the Handmade’s tale that no one will be able to come close to her painstaking look into her characters of which she wrote! Thank you so much!!!!


The writer jumps All over the place making it sometimes hard to follow. The writing seemed to drag on with glimpses into her past life but never the full story. And then it ends with a cliff hanger . I wouldn’t read it again


I read this over a weekend. Hard to put down. Great story writing.


I'm not sure why this book has such high ratings. It’s hard to follow, boring and strange. So bad that I would not have finished it, but I was reading it with a book club. Very disappointing.


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What took me so long? This is one of those books where you’re super bummed when you finish it. I had anxiety all the way through, like when I read 1984 for the first time. Beautiful writing, interesting events, great detail. It could’ve been 200 pages longer.


This is unfortunately a similar reality for many women in some countries. Meaning zero freedoms and no rights. Scary to think it could happen here. Does make you think, but i was hoping for a good story with an actual ending.


Although the story was interesting there were too many unknowns and unanswered questions. I am just as confused at the end as I was at the beginning. I want to believe she made it and had her child to start anew.

Rio Linda Mex

Theocracy in the flesh, scary.