Guilty Wives PDF Download

Guilty Wives PDF Download

By: James Patterson & David Ellis
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2012-03-26

SS in VA

This book has a complex and sophisticated plot. But my one and only complaint is that the in prison days for the four women was FAR too graphic and FAR too long. This was unnecessary to the success of the book. While reading the in prison part, I almost just gave up on the book. The story was no fun too read here, and even depressing. And it seemed to never end. The book editor really should have ordered a fix. I stuck with it, and it got good and enjoyable later. But I fear many readers would just put it down. Too bad no one wised up this author. Too bad Patterson did not speak up. Could have been excellent. Instead only fair.


Seriously could not put this book down!

GM Ree

I usually love James Patterson novels, but this one was not in that category. It dragged on & on & on. I lost interest early in the story but forced myself to finish the book. I'm anxious to move on and look forward to my next "James Patterson" read. I understand that even James Patterson can't hit a home run every time!!


Not worth your time! Guilty of being a bad novel!


Great book. James Patterson delivers once again. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense.

Careful shopper

Once you start reading you will have a hard time putting the book down. Highly recommended.

not rotating

Let me start by saying I'm not much of a reader anymore, but download books occasionally for plane flights. My sister raves about Patterson, so I thought I'd try one. Not much character development, little background about characters marriages, which should have been a major detail. The French prison stories dragged on and on, however. When the murders were ultimately solved, the book was basically over, with vague details about how the crimes were actually committed. There are likely better choices for plane flight reading!


I’m not a big reader…but I bought this to have in my back pocket for plane trips. I couldn’t put it down! If it kept my interest, I would recommend it!


This was my first JP book and I really like his descriptive manner. I picked up "Second Honeymoon" on a whim while I was in the store just due to enjoying this book.


This was amazingly written! This book kept my attention from start to finish! I think it would make a great movie as long as the director stays true to the book. One of my favorite Patterson books, for sure!


Great Book, amazing could not put down :) I really enjoyed this book, couldn't stope read:) and I am not big reader:) strongly recommend :)


Slower then his usual. Disappointing.