Private: #1 Suspect PDF Download

Private: #1 Suspect PDF Download

By: James Patterson & Maxine Paetro
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2012-01-02


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Bossman 01

I enjoyed this book very much. Not too predictable and kept me guessing.


I have read two of these and, while good quick reads, they are predictable, uninspired and definitely OVERPRICED! Come on James get back to QUAL over QUAN! Command my love of your work again and be a bestSELLer!


Fast moving with twists and turns. Good read.


First James Patterson novel I've read! So much action going on in one book! I loved it! Will be reading other books by this author. And-I see there are lots of choices. Can't wait to get started!

Jim pick

I'm not really a reader. I haven't read a book in years but I recently got an iPhone 5. I noticed the books app. The 1st Private book was available and free. I had never heard of the Private book series but it was free. So I said. "What do I got to lose?" I love this series!!! I've read the first two books and I can't wait to read the rest. This coming from a guy that hates to read! Thanks James Patterson for giving me something that's stimulated my interest in reading. The Private series is the best!!!

Messica Jeans

Love this whole series. And the characters to!


Intriguing, suspenseful


Great read as usual , I cannot put his books down once I start reading. Suspect was one of many that I finished in 1 night. Plan on reading all of his books. A. J. Scelzo


A poor collaboration from a team that have done several excellent series together before! Way to many plots, sub plots, sub sub plots and unlikely romantic connections! I will not purchase any other novels in this series.


I think all these books were great read every book of privates great books keep up the great work love them all


This book is not one of the best I've read thus far this year. Actually it is one of the worse. I didn't like how the killer was discovered at all, it had no ties to what was going on in the book. But if your bored this will definitely curve your time.