The Descendants PDF Download

The Descendants PDF Download

By: Kaui Hart Hemmings
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Literary
Relase Date: 2007-05-15


Usually I try to read the book before seeing the movie…when the movie came out I had to see it, mostly because it starred George Clooney. Then when I saw the book online for $1.99, I decided that it wouldn’t kill me to read the book after having seen the movie. I enjoyed this book immensely and really couldn’t put it down. The characters were well written and read like real human beings. I think any of us can identify with the main character in this book, but also with the dying wife: many of us have things in our lives that we wouldn’t necessarily want our loved ones to know (even if it’s not an affair and only something as innocuous as unpaid parking tickets!) My only criticism, and it’s minor, is that I would have liked to have known a little more about the wife: what drove her to have the affair and who was she really? I guess it comes down to the fact that maybe we don’t know those closest to us as well as we think we do…. A strong “recommend”!!

Karrie G

Great book! Can't wait to see the movie now:)


I saw the movie first and loved it. While healing from surgery, I picked up the book and spent a lovely day in the company of a coming together family. I feel after reading their book that I know them and their struggles and disappointments that life hands them all. What a brave strong man the father was and you know those girls (and Sid) were lucky to have him and they would go to knit a strong family unit that loves & respects their father and follows his principles. Get it. Read it. Get to know them. You'll be glad for having done it. .


Great book! Even thought the whole plot of the book is set around a sad event, it was not depressing in anyway. I found it funny and entertaining! I recommend this book


This is a fabulous book, it is so well written, the characters are sad but strong and the narration is flawless. I'm actually at a loss for words describing how good this book is.


Prepare to experience a range of emotions as you turn each page. Wonderful character development. Great read and highly recommended.


Well written.


I was up till 6am, could not put it down; it's that good.

Carrier bill

I have not seen the the movie but I am interested in seeing how they did make a movie out of this book. Certainly must be R-Rated. It did hold my interest to finish it & I will see the movie.


A really great read...funny and sad. The balance of grief and humor are really how it is to lose someone you love.


Although a definite tearjerker, I really loved the writing and felt like a privileged observer to this family tragedy.


A quick, easy read. The characters engage the reader from the very first pages.