When Passion Rules PDF Download

When Passion Rules PDF Download

By: Johanna Lindsey
Genre: Historical, Romance
Relase Date: 2011-06-14


Slow start which completely made the book even better once you get to the true plot of the story. I absolutely love how all her stories take you back to a distant time, place, and culture. She didn't disappoint. Great read mixed in with her standard boy saves girl/girl saves boy love story.


Loved it...they are never long enough for me! I recommend all her books!

Teddy's Nonnie

I have read every book Johanna Lindsey has written, (that I can find), all of them at least twice. This book, I have read at least seven or eight. No one needs pictures with a book by Johanna Lindsey! She creates in the mind's eye the perfect settings . I have often felt as if I were watching a movie instead of reading when I have one of her books in my hands. Thank you Johanna for sharing your talent with words with your readers,

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I completely enjoyed this book .


It had been some time sine I had had time to read a book again, let alone Johanna Lindsey. This book locked me back into her wonderful stories, that wrap you so deeply in the story that you become a character in the story.


Could not put this down. One of my favorites. A must read!


This book was not up to Johanna's standards. The plot was sluggish, the characters undeveloped, and I found myself just waiting for the book to end so I could get on to my next. I have every book that Johanna has written, but if this is the direction she's heading I may hesitate to buy more.


As with so many of Johanna Lindsay books I sped through the book because i couldnt put it down, only to find myself, when finished, wishing i could read more; and not wanting my time with these wonderful characters to end. I hope she will revisit these families in futher books, as i want to know more of young Henry, and what becomes of Poppy, and who will capture the heart of that delicious Karsten? Most of all I would like to read of the children who most surely will follow that lovely wedding.


This book was suspenseful with a few surprises! I loved it!! I wish I had another to read right away!


Very disappointed in this book - too drawn out and unrealistic. Ending was awful. I have loved her earlier books but I must say this is the last one I will ever purchase.


I love Johanna Lindsay's books and this was another great one!


I truly loved the book. The story is thrilling. I was only sad their was not an epilogue. I want more of the story.