Impact PDF Download

Impact PDF Download

By: Douglas Preston
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2010-03-30


An excellent pulse-pounding read. One of the author's best !


Great read....and would make a Great Movie.


Excellent book!


An excellent story! Well written and a page turner.


Super fast-paced, engaging, and fun. Though slightly less technical, the book is written in style similar to Michael Crichton in the sense that it is almost all-consuming of the reader, and the author treats the reader as smart and interested in well-developed plot elements.


What I like the most about preston and child is there real world writing style. The obscene language is real world stuff. A crazy, meth addicted, killer, would not be using proper English! Let alone not cursing!! If you want watered down villains and Disney like character behavior then this book is not for you. That being said.... The story line was far different then what I had originally thought it was going to be. That being said, I really enjoyed the premise of the book. Preston and child have a way with writing about the supernatural and mysterious things that make it believable and very exciting. Loved the book. Very fast and entertaining read!!!

Mr. Do!

Impossible to put down


Slow read for the first couple hundred pages or so. Foul language took away from what was otherwise a good read.


Fantastic novel from beginning to end!!


Good plot. Easy to follow. I would recommend it as a good read ...Pris in DE

Elizabeth Blaney

The book kept my interest and I couldn't put it down until I finished it.


Not a bad read, but once again the author could have toned down the profane language that was used in this book. There was a lot of characters that were not needed, and the plot could have been better developed. It was a very slow read, for the first two hundred pages then the plot developed nicely. Not one of his best works, and was it was disappointing. Not worth the money.