City of Fallen Angels PDF Download

City of Fallen Angels PDF Download

By: Cassandra Clare
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2011-04-05


It was so good, it kept me on the edge of my sit the whole time. Just when you think the end is going to be the of all the drama. But the way it end will have you crazy. Trust my it whole very cent.


This series just continues to make you want more. Hope the next one is as good as the previous ones !

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If I had to describe the mortal instruments series in one word it would be WOW. It's so emotional. I almost cried at some parts because they were so sad. I almost cried with happiness and laughter too. I can't wait to read the next book!


so amazing. cuty of fallen angels? or should i say city of dead babies? ya i love it

Pepper is better

This series of books is by far the best i have ever read!! I can't wait for the next book it's so exciting! Cassandra Clare is amazing at this series and the clockwork series. Keep writing these books!! There so great!!


best book series EVER.

Antonio Brown-Sturgis

The story was interesting , but I felt this book ended a little to hastily . Saying that I do understand why . Still an amazing series.


Ok, so i started reading the series and was loving it, but when i got to this book it got boring and too exagerated. I only finished reading it because i had already bought it. DO NOT READ IT! It could have been a great series of books with a lot of potential if she stopped earlier and not tried to extend it too much just to sell more books. To me the last ones dont even make sense, just too much crazy things going on.


Clare definitely gives Twilight a run for it's money. Book four was too predictable and almost lost my interest to read book five. I liked the other books because they offered suspense and twists I didn't expect. Let's hope the next one is better.


I read the whole series and this is my favorite off the five If I could I would rate this more than a 5 star


I finished reading the book in two days!! 2 days!! The time seemed so fast when I've finished reading it!!:)


Love this book and the TMI series!!!!