City of Bones PDF Download

City of Bones PDF Download

By: Cassandra Clare
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Relase Date: 2009-04-14


Packed with an intriguing plot and a unquiet cast of characters, City of Bones will have you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happens next in the suspenseful world Cassandra Clare created. Definitely recommend reading this book. It has a great combination of action, romance, and mysteries around every corner.


This book is by far the best series I have come across since the Harry Potter series!!! Cassandra Clare is a very amazing author and needs To continue her wonderful writing.

Greattttttttt gammmmme

I watch the tv show that's comes on every for 2 months but I can't wait to find out if jace and clary get to get I brought the book and so far is been amazing. And that was sad how the mother died in the last episode on Monday. The first time I seen the trailer two years ago I knew is was my new favorite tv show . And last week was when I found out about the movie.then yesterday I found out about the book so sense that I been reading .this is amazing book,movie,and tv show . Let's go clary and jace.shadow hunters is the name of the show. The movie is called the city of bones. THIS MY FAVORITE TV SHOW THAT I EVER WATCHED


I'm re-reading after probably three years. Still such a captivating story. Valentine was evil. Such depth. Love this story. Love the series. I have not ventured into the next series by Cassandra. Didn't really feel that this series ended properly and was disappointed. She's such an amazing writer and has created an exciting world. Perhaps this time I may venture into Lady Midnight. On to City of Ashes.

Maram Baider

Cassandra Clare has done a great job writing this book , I personally loved , it is absolutely amazing , I never thought I would love the fantasy genre but I was wrong , you find yourself within the characters , you feel their pain you might cry when they do , and you can't finish your day until you know how are they doing , the only thing that broke my heart is that when the story was made into a movie I was first kinda disappointed but after a while the actors grew on me I couldn't imagine anyone to be in the story characters except them , and then the tv series came and I couldn't watch it felt like betraying the old actors , and now it's an open wound the pain never goes away you will just get used to it .


I love the mortal instruments series once you read the first book you won't be able to stop and I'm speaking from experience I love Cassandra Clare and I have read a lot of her books after reading this


I began reading the series after I saw the movie the movie was so confusing I thought mundane a couldn't ever see Shadowhunters I love this book and the series I used to quiz my friends at school about it


This series is amazing and totally worth paying money, I personally didn't read it in iBooks I got it from a library but it is extremely creative and beautifully written, you fall in love with the world and characters. There is also a movie that came out, so you can watch it after you read the book


I heard about this series and have seen the first movie, not really a big fan of the movie but so far with reading the novel I am hooked to the book. I give it 4 stars, I would rate it 5 but I seem to be confused on the plot. The characters are always on the move about something and I barely understand her connection to them as being a shadow hunter. I do recommend this series for Star Wars nerds.

Legend of Hyrule

Recycled garbage from an author with a bad history of taking plots and paragraphs that don't belong to her. The characters are all deeply annoying, the worldbuilding is very "been there, done that", and every single page is soaked in purple prose. Whoever decided Cassie Claire deserved to graduate from plagiarized Harry Potter fanfiction to her own series should be dismissed from their job ASAP.


I really liked this adventurous read!


This was the worst book I've ever read. It was as if the author stole bits and pieces of the most popular teenage fantasy books and smushed them all into one book. It was so predictable and unoriginal that it actually saddened me. If I was the author of Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Twilight or Star Wars I would sue. She should be ashamed of herself. Maybe the other books get better but I will not be wasting my money on this series ever again