The Afghan PDF Download

The Afghan PDF Download

By: Frederick Forsyth
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2006-08-22


The Afghan had an excellent plot that got absolutely lost in minute and infinite unnecessary details. Instead of adding substance to the plot it dragged down what could otherwise have been a very exciting tale. The ending was so bland that it almost slipped by unnoticed. It's really a shame that this excellent plot was wasted by a writing style that was so bland it became laborious to get to the end. The ending was at least consistent with the style that preceded it. A complete lack of punch.


Pretty interesting book. Excellent plot and story. Weak on characters and mild on research. Post 9/11 when there is already a treasure trove of readily available information, readers expect some really meaty details. This book lacks that. Great book, but not certainly a Forsyth classic.


Well written, but the ending was weak. 3.5 stars


Well written and definitely engaging. Excellent historical insight to current conflict by coupling larger historical and political context to a fictional thriller. I couldn't put it down.

Flying Faders

I loved Avenger, but the Afghan feels like reading just a bunch of research materials to a book. Although the fact checking work must have been enormous, the amount of information and lengthy backstories made it really boring most of the time.