The Monster of Florence PDF Download

The Monster of Florence PDF Download

By: Douglas Preston & Mario Spezi
Genre: True Crime, Nonfiction
Relase Date: 2008-06-10

Emmet Aloysius

A good accounting of a chilling, historical mega-crime spree in Italy. The monster is truly a monster...EAF


I am so so glad that I visited Italy and had a great vacation with my husband before I read this book and Amanda's. (Knox) What a terrible justice system they have over there .... And as the years have indicated it will never change. I will not visit Italy again as you just never know what may happen.............. I hope the movie is produced so more can be aware of what went on with this case.


Interesting reading.


Great read, and as other reviewers have mentioned, you can't make this up. The crimes are terrifying but the injustices of the bungled investigation and the prosecution makes this chilling to anyone who has ever had the guts to be just serve as witness in a crime, never mind research it. Witch hunting. I was not surprised that the same hierarchy was involved with the Knox case many years later.

mr landrover

A person could not make something like this up...

Michael Pena

My brother gave my wife the paperback as a birthday gift. I work in the oilfields of west tx, so bought it for my iPad. It is frightening how scary reality can be! This is the most captivating book I have ever read and the fact that the monster was never caught still gives me chills! Buy this book! You will not regret it! The only thing I didn't like was in the paperback, you see photos of people and crime scenes and electronically you don't!


This is an excellent book. The only thing wrong with it is they weren't able to discover who the real monster was.