1st to Die PDF Download

1st to Die PDF Download

By: James Patterson
Genre: Fiction & Literature,
Relase Date: 2001-03-05


I Love It!!!!


Definitely buying the whole series!

Unbelievable!! Great read!!

My title is all I have to say about the book. James Patterson has inspired my young adult life and he still continues to inspire my adult life. With 1st to Die. Which is a very gripping mystery/thriller. With lots of turns ands twists. Fantastic book! A must read.


This isn't my favorite genre, so I don't think it's fair to say very much. But this felt like watching a story written for TV. Nothing special about it.


Easily written and fun to read. The plot twists and changes and keeps you wanting to turn the page. Not too technical but still very lively and authentic. Very interested in reading his other books too! If you like murder mystery and detectives discovering who did it, you will throughly enjoy this book!

dread lock twin

I am a huge fan of the Alex Cross series and an even bigger fan of the Murder Womens' Club. Keep them coming Mr. Patterson...you're the "Best"!!!

Sexy beyond

I enjoyed reading this one as much the second time as the first. Love all the murder club books.


Fairly straight forward from the beginning who committed the murders. A twist finally came late in the book- only to be untwisted in the Epilogue back to the obvious. Really felt like I wasted good reading time on the book.


I'm sooo hooked on this series!! Jus finished book 1. I've found my Summer reads!!! Really good read!

Christopher cowart

Surprised me at the end. But really liked this book kept my interested.


This book was so good and hard to put down. I read it every chance I got. It was thrilling all the way to the end and hard to predict how it would turn out.


I love it