Falling In Love All Over Again: The Sullivans (Babymoon Novella) PDF Download

Falling In Love All Over Again: The Sullivans (Babymoon Novella) PDF Download

By: Bella Andre
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-11-14


Worst of Bella’s books. I have read nearly or all of them . I always looked forward to her next, but this one was the worst. A waste of my $4. Wish I could cancel the charge. Sorry Bella, but this book is a bore and strung us along for nine chapters instead of ten pages to tell this boring Story .


Oh how I missed this couple. Lori and Grayson were one of my favorite San Francisco Sullivan couple, and it’s been over five years since I’ve read their book. In Falling in Love All Over Again, Lori and Grayson are about to become parents, but they have one more hurdle to get over. Is Grayson really over his past? This was a short, sweet, and hot novella, and I absolutely loved it! The Sullivans are my top favorite series involving families, each one better than the last, and I can’t wait for Cassie’s book coming next.


I am voluntarily reviewing an advanced reader copy of this book, Falling In Love All Over Again by Bella Andre. I fell in love with Lori and Grayson in Always On My Mind (Sullivan’s book 8) and as the title says, I fell in love all over again. Lori’s nickname is “Naughty” for a reason. She earned that name as a child and it’s been perfect for her well in to adulthood. She keeps Grayson on his toes, but he has no problem keeping up with her. Now they have a new adventure to look forward to. Lori is pregnant! But even though they are thrilled with the impending birth of their child, Grayson has some past demons that are plaguing his present and overshadowing his joy of becoming a parent with Lori. Good thing he has a loving wife and family that love and support him no matter what. I love getting to spend time with “my” beloved Sullivans! They are an ideal example of a close knit, loving, loyal family. They are always there for each other! Bella Andre is one of my all time favorite authors for a very good reason! Her stories are breathtakingly beautiful! Perfectly written to draw you in and keep you entertained and begging for more all the way up to THE END. And her books are like potato chips and cats, you can’t have just one. You read one, get hooked and gotta read them all!


I received this ARC for an honest review. I love Lori and Grayson’s story. I like that it wasn’t instant love, but as they got to know each other the more they fell. Lori was able to help Grayson get pass the death of his first wife. This novella Lori was surprised with a babymoon by Grayson and his parents. I not telling where...you have to read this book. I like how they made sure their relationship was strong before the baby. I love they work on communication between them to help each other.


This novella featuring Lori and Grayson, and the upcoming birth of their daughter, makes you fall in love with this series, with this family, all over again. The chemistry between Lori and Grayson hasn’t dulled the least bit and neither has Lori’s ability to be a chaos magnet. From beginning to end, I lived every moment and word. I can’t wait for the next one!

Jen G F

ARC for honest review with no compensation Catching up again with Grayson and Lori and baby makes three!! Love, support, chemistry, family and a little panic thrown in makes this read exceptional!


This was one of the cutest, and hottest Bella Novella! A baby! Lori & Grayson are having a baby soon! The birth of a new baby should always be happy event. The soon to be parents have the usual worries, but intimacy is definitely not one of them! The baby shower, with many of the Sullivan siblings and cousins in attendance remind us of the size and accomplishments of the family. Mary shows her usual spot on insight into her children’s and their partners emotions. Love the idea of a babymoon! Their baby girl has a beautiful name. Thank you Bella Andre for the baby novella, it’s always nice to have a short Sullivan visit between the novels!


Lori, or better known as naughty to her family even lives up to that nickname through her pregnancy. Fortunately for her, Grayson, loves her despite all this and allows her to wear her crazy heels throughout her pregnancy. This quick check in with the Sullivan's is a great way to see as Lori and Grayson meet the next member of the family but also continue to realize they are stronger together. You will adore this wonderful novella celebrating the Sulllivan's.


I was really excited to receive an ARC of this book because that means I get to go back to my beloved OG Sullivans! Grayson and Lori (Sullivan) Tyler are awaiting the birth of their baby and during the baby shower where everyone in the Sullivan world shows up, Grayson, Grayson’s mom, and Lori’s mom Mary surprise her with a babymoon. Everything seems to be going so well but underneath all the excitement and happiness, Grayson is still plagued by his past and is trying very hard to keep it from Lori who is just glowing with her joy and eagerness to meet their baby. Will Grayson be able to get past his fears and open up to Lori? Will Lori be able to once again help Grayson move forward? Reading Falling In Love All Over Again is like a homecoming. The story is back in San Francisco and Mary Sullivan and her brood are once again front and center. This family was what made me a Bella Andre fan and I am so glad she gave us this novella. Lori is as feisty as ever and Grayson is still hot, brooding, loving, and sexy, and with a baby on the way, they are more lovable together more than ever. The story is funny, sexy, and very sweet. An easy read and very entertaining. No wasted words. And that bit at the end? Brought me to tears. Such a loving gesture! Fans of the Sullivan series will definitely love this book and I am looking forward to the next one! Keep ‘em coming Bella!


Lori & Grayson have always been one of my favorite "Sullivan" couples, although truth be told I love them all! I was so thrilled to be able to share in their live changing event and loved the poignant conversations they have as much as their hot chemistry!! The baby shower was absolutely amazing including the alone time Grayson & Lori steal before. It was so fun catching up with so many of the other Sullivans at the shower, I love when authors give us this gift of after the happily ever after. That surprise Grayson has for Lori thanks to a little help, is just so incredibly sweet and an amazing idea. I love their special time together before the baby arrives even if it was cut short and my heart was absolutely filled with emotion once she arrives. Thank you Bella for this wonderful look into Lori and Grayson's lives after falling in love! I wish you could do this for all the expectant parents!


I am an ARC reader and I give my honest opinion. This was a fabulous novella and a great way to catch up with the Sullivans. Get a pen and paper to update the Family Tree. Lori and Grayson are having a baby and Grayson is so worried. The grand parents send them on a Babymoon, how cool it that. But having showers, Babymoon so closed to due date...... (no spoilers here)


FALLING IN LOVE. ALL OVER AGAIN. Bella Andre Lori, also with nicknames of naughty and nice.and baby due in a few weeks.A baby shower with her siblings, and cousins, among the laughter and jokes. The question has a name been chose yet for the baby, and it bothered her that they hadn’t. Lori cousin Mia asked if they had a baby moon planned yet.Gina handing them an envelope with an invite to a beach for a few nights.Hoping this would help Grayson also, the scars from three years, still there. Always wanting to keep Lori safe., would the past ever be out in the past for him. Excitement, and happiness is the theme of this story, with laughter and the gift of a baby. Readers will love another story of the .Sullivans. Given ARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.