Their Sub - Complete Series PDF Download

Their Sub - Complete Series PDF Download

By: Linzi Basset
Genre: Erotic Romance, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-06-25


This series has been a bright spot in a very dark time in my life. I wish it would go on and on. As I was reading these books I felt some joy, along with many other emotions; but at least, I felt. Now back to my listless existence.


Just loved the love stories in this book! Great alphas, fun women and happily ever afters for all! A great rainy day book!!!


Good easy read; However, the last two books were predictable after ready the first book. It is also unrealistic that three friends fall for guys that are all into foursomes that are all friends with each other. I guess that is why they call them stories.


Question Cindy read and I enjoyed the stories. It was pretty easy to figure out how book two and three were going to go after reading the first one.


Just finished this series and what I enjoyed most was the last story, although all 3 were amazing. The back and forth banter between characters was wonderful and witty, and the love could be felt in their words.


A very good page turner and had me reading till 3 am

Tamara Lewis051917

This book was great three friends nine men all different relationships but in the end love prevails. Great book


Hot read! Only a four star due to some bad editing, missing words, misused words and punctuation errors. Liked the story line, wished it was a little longer!

Turn The Pages

Great, sexy book. Kept me turning the pages, not wanting to put it down. Hot, steamy series!


Good book

aCe Pilot Car

Excellent read. Enjoyed the characters interactions. You can almost feel the heat radiating from the story.


I just finished reading Their Sub - Complete Series and what a page turner, could not put it down until I finished it 3 am my time. Loved the complexity of each book as they related to each other. I will be reading more from this author soon