Princess in Lingerie PDF Download

Princess in Lingerie PDF Download

By: Penelope Sky
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-09-11


I can’t say enough about this series!! You can’t go wrong paying for this book. Be prepared to not get anything done. A must have book!!

Moms Lori

I don’t know what it is with the Barsetti men and thinking they aren’t in love! This may be the best so far in this series, everyone is starting to get their happy ending. Carter and his sister are left now don’t know if Penelope can squeeze them both in!


This book is how All love stories should ed

Deede ervin

Hands down love this story


It keeps you in suspense and turns a real love into play. Penelope you don’t seem to amaze me. I love the books so far


This one is so amazing and I’m so happy with how they finish Vanessa and bones happy ending... it’s so much that happens and I hate to spoil the story but just know that it’s absolutely amazing and you will no be able to put it down at all!!!! You might even cry like me!!


This series has lead you up to the hopes that this book would happen. The perfect mix of action, suspense, danger, romance, and drama. Griffin has morphed from the person hated by all Barsetti’s to the one they admire and go to for advice and help. His final mission with Max before retirement made you wonder if something would happen to him, but his love for Vanessa brought him home. He helped Carter mastermind a detailed plan to save Mia from Egor, that reminded us of the extent his father went through to save his mother. Like father like son, you can deny love for so long, but eventually you admit the truth. All Barsetti now live close together after Carter moving to help hide Mia, and Griffin and Vanessa buying a house after she was kidnapped by the people from his last hit. That would have been so easy to start the hate again between him and Crow, but he saw that he would die and give his life for her in a moment. Ending with the wedding we all hoped for was the best, with the best proposal if all, Griffin at the head of the table with the entire family present at their new house, being part of a family.


Wow! I feel like I’ve waited so long for this day to come. When Griffin first appeared, I knew he’d be perfect for Vanessa. I also knew it’d be a hard battle to fight. Seeing the love between all the Barsettis and Griffin made me so happy. It wouldn’t have been right if Bones’ last 2 missions went off without a hitch. I was nervous from the start of that last one. I can’t imagine the heartbreak Vanessa would’ve felt if he hadn’t of made it home. My heart nearly stopped when I realized why he was so nervous to talk to Crow. That was nothing when he proposed. Then came the wedding. Never a more beautiful word has been spoken in this series. That man loves HIS woman and she loves him right back. What an amazing beginning to their official happily ever after. Now, Carter, on the other hand is so sweet. You could see through him from the start. He likes kinky sex, but that heart is pure gold. He’s so much like his father. He and Mia are beginning a beautiful life together with Luca. I literally could see Luca every time he was mentioned. Great detail, Penelope! I’m so glad Cane nudged him to do the right thing. It appears quiet on the home front, but if you know anything about these Barsettis, you know trouble is just on the horizon...and I can hardly wait!


I love how Penelope has written these characters, never a dull moment with the Barsetti clan. I loved the ending of this book, Mia is a strong resilient woman and makes Carter open his heart and eyes and see that he is capable of love, he has been unknowingly loving he just needed a push. I loved Cain in this book as well, it was a very different side of him we saw here as a father. I’m super excited to read the next 3 books, Carmen is a spitfire! If you haven’t started this series I recommend reading them in order. They are must reads of 2018!

karina Arreola

I can’t believe everything that happened in this book!!! I was definitely on my toes the whole time!!! The love that Bones and Vanessa have is so strong I can’t believe he was able to save her from the palace!!! Carter and Mia I’m so happy for them I just wonder what Egor is up to because I’m pretty sure he didn’t believe the scene that Carter and Bones pulled off with the fire and body!!!


I absolutely LOVE seeing the love story come to a close with Vanessa and Griffin. Crow, Button, Cane and the the rest of the Barsettis all hold strong together and show you what family is all about. From more pain, to hurt, to disappointment, to love... it’s all here for you to feel as you read the book. Penelope of course knocked this one right out the park!!

karina Arreola

I’m so in love with this serie, each character paints a perfect visual in my head. I can’t believe Bones was able to get Vanessa back from the palace and not get a single scratch on him or her! I can’t wait to see what happens with Carter and Mia like what happened with Egor are they cleared from his evilness!!!