Elevation PDF Download

Elevation PDF Download

By: Stephen King
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-10-30


This book starts out in a brilliant fashion. It slowly devolves in a mush of emotional mess. It saddens me that he could write a far better story to deliver his message.


Don’t waste your $ on this one. Lightweight and not much of a story.

Keith Sk.

While I have all of Steven Kings novels, this one turned out to be very special. While it is spooky, it is not scary. Still, it entertained me completely during the afternoon I read it. I very much recommend it, and dare I say it, yes I will. You will find it uplifting!


got a novella

elise taylor

This book started off great. I have loved almost everything SK has written through the years. Toward the end of this book, i realized that the main thing was not going to be explained. What a let down. Not much substance to this book in the end.. wish there had been a couple hundredmore pages. Sorry to say that this is one of those books that got published because of his fame and history only..


Very boring. Did not feellike Stephan King at all .


This was more like a short story than a novel. I read it in 2-3 hours. Nevertheless it was perfect for what it was. A feel good story that I shared with others.


Horrible book. No story, no significance.


Just like King’s political views, this book is crap.

i hate kidzbop

This is nothing more than an average short story. Total waste of time and money. Can’t believe Mr. King would have felt compelled to publish this. Far below his standards.


A small town with built in prejudices comes together and overcomes their differences with the help of a man with an amazing condition that makes his end a sad, but wondrous event.


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