Fire and Blood PDF Download

Fire and Blood PDF Download

By: George R.R. Martin & Doug Wheatley
Genre: Epic, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Relase Date: 2018-11-20


I LOVE the original series of books, but this seems a non-fleshed out history book. It just retells what happened. While you may get why people do what they do, it’s in a basic sense- not the fully realized and emoted way the original series paints landscapes of lives. It’s just kind of FLAT. You know who is flying which dragon where, and a very basic why - but not the feelings involved. Feels like he gave this to the fans because he had to give them SOMETHING.


GRRM can’t finish the real saga he started, unlike true hall of fame fantasy writers like E Howard and Tolkien. He should step aside and let a professional like Sanderson finish it, GRRM just doesn’t want to admit he is a hack who can’t finish. His inability to write is threatening to destroy his legacy.


Doubt if George Martin contributed much. Just a chronology of what happened before game of thrones. Doesn’t even get up to start of thrones saga. No reason to care about any character in the book. Don’t bother


If you’re already into the books AND you are ASoIaF completist, you’ll most likely find some joy in reading this book. If you’re just a book reader who is into the main series and not all the tertiary short stories and novellas, I suggest checking it out in a library or B&N before buying. It is dry. Very dry. “The World of Ice and Fire” is more interesting. Wish this was Winds, and I understand the mob of readers with pitchforks in their hands about yet another book that isn’t advancing the core story. The hate George gets about not publishing Winds on time is counterproductive; does he owe us the story? How would you like to see fans of your work turn on you? If you didn’t need to write another sentence again and could retire comfortably, you might consider giving the people who think you’re their puppet the finger. Best to keep the moaning to a low grumble.

reviewer number two

There is no story or character development. It could have been interesting, but if I’m going to read an extended appendix it might as well be from LOTR.


At no point did I feel drawn in to this book... For a fake-history book, It goes into excruciating detail on ridiculous things like; a character’s facial expression, design of boat/castle, and character’s personality. This book felt like fan fiction cloaked in history. In fact, it was painfully obvious that this book was written over years compiled of material patched together by GRRM. The narrator would digress mid paragraph and begin his 10-page explanation of something not related to the current story, leaving the reader thinking they may have accidentally flipped ahead. There were times I thought I was reading fan fiction from Elio and Linda. I would have been happier reading the U.S. Tax Code, than wasting time with GRRM’s desperate attempt to still be considered an author. Go pick up a Bible and leave this book where it be.


Don’t buy this book. Find a way to get it some other way. Half of the content is already published in other novellas. The rest is uninspired. If you don’t read it you’re not missing much. GEORGE HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE TO MAKE? You have no kids. You’re a bajillionaire allready. Finish the d@@@ series. Or let someone else write it for you. OR JUST BE HONEST with the folks who made you a bajillionaire allready, and admit what you’ve known for years now: you have no intention of finishing. Because it would shut off the TV money. I’m not buying another GRRM product.


Winds of Winter would be better, but beggers can’t be choosers.


Can’t wait to read the next one.


Brilliant, brilliant book. Written as a history book. If you don’t like books like the nature of Alexander by Mary Renault, you will not like this one. Wealth of information in this tome. Wish he had not cut it off for a second volume. Author is rather sadistic in that sense. The book is dense, I can’t believe he wrote this. I understand why it would take him so long. Sad I’ll have to wait forever for the second volume.