Desire in Lingerie PDF Download

Desire in Lingerie PDF Download

By: Penelope Sky
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-07-03

Rebecca Lynette

I will say it once again like I have a thousand times! Penelope is a wonderful Author. There hasn’t been 1 single thing I have read that has left me disappointed. I can’t believe the twist this story of Vanessa and Bones has taken. But I absolutely LOVE IT!!!😍😍😍😍


Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!! Can not wait for the next book! !!!!!!!!

Shelle Belle KY

How exciting this series is. Vanessa and Griffin. OMG. What a thriller. Emotions , emotions, emotions. If you haven’t started the series and you love romance. This is truly the stories you want to read. If I had any complaint which I don’t I would want the books to be longer. Once I start reading I just want to keep on and on reading.


This book is so good it get you feeling all the emotions with the characters. I really hope the family comes to accept bones. Family is everything to Vanessa but she is miserable without Bones so what is a girl to do!? I can’t wait as usually for the next book I’m so obsessed!

Nay Nay 18

Vanessa and Bones have decided to give their relationship a try and all is going well until it’s time to meet the parents. I’m Team Griffin all the way but I also see where Crow and Pearl are coming from. There’s too much pain to simply forgive and forget but there has to be a way to let go as well. So far almost every Barsetti man has found the love of his life and Vanessa has found hers as well. The emotions of having to choose between your family and soulmate are so intense that feel you it through the pages. This series is by far my second favorite and I love how it continues to grow.


Forget about pacing yourself! Desire is so good, it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. I literally felt more anxious with every page turn. I never thought Bones would ignore Vanessa and certainly didn’t think she’d be the one to break first. That club scene was so intense. Penelope is an expert as casting the feelings of the characters onto the readers. I bet I’m not the only one who never thought they’d be rooting for a Bones. Vanessa is so much like Buttons. She strong and stubborn, but she also Crow’s baby girl...Tesoro. The fact that Bones set his pride aside touched me more than anything else. I hated seeing how cold Crow and Cane were, but if you’ve followed this series you’ll get it. A try is all we have to hold onto right now, but will it be enough? It’ll be a rough couple of weeks waiting on the next installment, but it’s going to be worth it. Thanks again, Penelope! Great job...


Desire was incredible! Penelope really knows how to leave you on the edge of your seat!


I am so captivated from page one of this series! I can’t ever stop and read the book so fast! I am so in love with this story line and how it changes! Vanessa and Bones’s story is my favorite and they have so many challenges to face still. I can’t wait to read the next book!


I’m so in love with these two characters. Best series you have written. I love them. Keep making books like this. You are awesome :) I’m so ready for the next book, I just keep reading them over and over!

karina Arreola

I can’t believe Bones agreed to meet with Crow, I just really hope they can get passed all the things Bones dad did to the Barsettis for the sake of Vanessa I can’t wait to see what happens next.


I love the action and romance in this novel, but sometimes it gets a bit confusing on what the author is talking about or describing. Great storyline though!


You can turn love away but you can’t turn it off in your heart. Vanessa knows she is in an impossible place, her family will never understand, but she can’t move on. When faced with the reality that the man she loved may move on, Vanessa stops him, and admits that she is in love with him. When things seem perfect, a job comes and he must leave town, and this being a far more dangerous situation. Listening to the guidance of her father, she wants to be public with their relationship, be transparent. Her father convinced her, while he thought he was telling her to think about giving love a chance. Can the Barsetti family ever accept Griffin, he man Vanessa loves, or will they always see his father who died before he was born. Lake Garda, can it bring more peace than imaginable