Merciless PDF Download

Merciless PDF Download

By: W. Winters
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-05-15


This book had me pulled in from the beginning & didn’t let me go! I had read the book before this one, Possessive, but this book really built a world & characters that drew me in. It was intense & dark, & oh so good! I didn’t want this book to end, so I can’t wait for the next one!


This book was phenomenal. Carter is all alpha with dark needs. War is coming and he will get what is wants. Aria knows what it is like to be in his fathers world. She plays the good role but that’s it. She lives in fear. She doesn’t see the redemption coming but Carter is determined to take her fear away. I cannot wait to read their continued story. Excellent storyline. Carter and Aria’s story is like no other you’ve ever read. The darkness, fear and trust will leave you wanting more. These two characters are awesome.


I loved this book and couldn’t put it down. Be prepared to stay on edge! My heart ached for Aria, she’s been through so much. But is she falling for Carter? Love how he’s obsessed with her, can he end up helping her heal? What a roller coaster of emotions, can’t wait to find out more about the two of them. I highly recommend this book.


This title fits perfectly!! This book was amazing!! Loved it from start to finish. It was definitely a page turner and leaves the reader in a whirlwind of emotions wondering what the outcome will be. This is the second book in the series it’s Carter’s story. In his story you meet Aria the woman who is his or at least in his mind she is and nothing will change that. Carter is a strong alpha dominant male and Aria is also strong willed, stubborn and won’t back down. They clash but in such a good way! I won’t say more because I don’t want to risk spoiling anything for anyone. by the author! I voluntarily reviewed this book.

Kat Dunn

With a war between three families being eminent, there is bound to be casualties, and this case is no exception. Especially when it comes to the Cross and Talvery family. Carter Cross has set his eyes on Aria and he will not let anything stop him from having her. When Aria is kidnapped and forced to live in a cell with only interaction with Carter, she passion for him begins to grow as abhorrent as it seems. When Carter begins to give her little bits of freedom here and there, she must make the decision of life or death, life with Carter or death of her and her family. This is a beautiful, intense, and suspenseful story you can’t put down.


love this book and I tobe the author willow winters her books are great with great storyline that are well written and this book is great on the


MERCILESS - IS POWERFUL - DANGEROUS - DARK - PASSIONATE & STEAMING-HOT! I was transfixed to this story which held my absolute attention until the dramatic conclusion. Inside; suspense, action, intriguing dialogue, emotional moments, and intense sensuous romance. As the head of his family, Carter is protective; his glare potent and his orders must be followed to a T. He is also traffic-stopping hot, wise and seems to always get what he wants; he wants the doe-eyed beauty Aria a mafia Princess to be totally his. Aria and Carter have a history unknown to her and she also has a past that haunts her nights. Their story is life-changing and as the two become closer their wants and needs intensify. STIRRING read and passionately written by a truly gifted author. The characters are praise-worthy and engaging. I loved the backstories of both Aria and Carter and the vivid scene descriptions are dynamic. I feel that Carter and Aria are a great match. Aria proves to be a strong woman and though Carter is powerful and his guard is always up there is a caring side that bubbles in his soul for her. I relished this story and found it to be a most gratifying read so {of my own volition without any stipulations, I reviewed an advanced copy.} Without any reservations, I recommend this read.


So freaking good!!! Killed me to put it down for bed and then about cried when I finished the last page and realized I now had to wait on the second part. Carter is intense and you just want to offer poor Aria some love and sympathy. So excited for the second part to see how this amazing story plays out. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy to this book.


Wow this is my first anti-hero story that I have read. I wasn’t expecting it to be a cliffhanger. I love reading all of Winter’s books. This is different than her other books in a good way. The storyline was great. I can’t wait to see what will happen next. I voluntarily review an advanced copy of this book.


This is the story of Aria and Carter. It is a beautiful love story of two broken hearts struggling to overcome the past to come together to heal each other. It’s a captivating story the keeps you anxiously waiting to read the next chapter. Willow does an excellent job with imagery and making you feel as if you’re right there with the characters. Her characters are well-developed, and her books always flow easily (even with the page-turning twists and turns). I highly recommend this book and can’t wait to read the next book!


Willow Winters has outdone herself with Merciless. Carter is the oldest of the Cross brothers and the one who leads the family business. He has set his eyes on Aria, the daughter of one of his enemies. Carter has set in motion a war that has been brewing for many years between the Romano's and the Talvery's. However, neither family knows that he is doing it for selfish reasons, Aria. She has captured his dark soul, his every thought, his every breath. Carter was once innocent, dragged into this life by his lowlife father. One night changed him, the night that he learned of Aria. The night that she saved him without even knowing it. Aria hates what her father represents, hates the life she has, but that is all she knows. Witnessing her mother's death, Aria is haunted with that memory. Her saving grace is her sketch book, timeless hours drawing and most importantly the picture of her mother that lingers in the pages of that sketch book. So when that sketch book is stolen, she stops at nothing to reclaim it, even her own safety. Kidnapped and held against her will, Aria's strong will and defiance only lasts so long. Although she hates Carter with every breath she takes, he slowly breaks her will and Aria starts to crave Carter. Oddly, she feels safe in his presence and seeks it. She knows it is unhealthy, but she also knows that underneath all the coldness lies a tender man. She knows in order to survive she needs Carter to believe that she is weak and needs him. But is at all a facade, or is Aria really starting to have feelings for her capturer? Carter knows he needs to break Aria's will to rebuild her. She is his kryptonite, but he can't let her see his tenderness and weakness for her. She will willingly submit to him, he just has to wait patiently. Everything he does is planned and well thought out. What a story Aria and Carter have. As much as I want to hate Carter for what he is doing to Aria, I find that I am falling for him. My heart cries for him and what he has been through in life to become the man that he is today. He is craving love and I believe he can find it with Aria. Aria is his savior, whether she knows it or not. When Aria finally gives all of herself to Carter I know it will be the most beautiful LOVE between two people.


Of all the Cross brothers, I can’t imagine I’d like anyone of them more than Carter. He exudes confidence and is tough yet loving toward Aria, the daughter of his rival drug cartel that he had kidnapped to keep her safe... oh, and also to break her and make her his! Oh the feels. Confusing, almost Stockholm Syndrome type feels. How can I adore this guy when he’s such a bad guy?!? Maybe because he has such a soft spot for Aria?!? Merciless has a HFN (Happy For Now) satisfying ending that begs to be continued in Heartless. I can’t wait for Heartless!