Long Road to Mercy PDF Download

Long Road to Mercy PDF Download

By: David Baldacci
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-11-13


The new character was interesting but this was a hard one for me to keep up with. No “thrill” factor at all

CCR Fan.

Huge disappointment. I have read all of his prior books. This one goes down the political rabbit hole. In America today you automatically lose half your audience.

Raymond 231

Best adjective to describe this book is “laughable”. The plot, the characters, and the thinly veiled accusation that our current President would sell out our country makes it more so. Too bad Mr. Baldacci, I have read 99% of your publications; this is the last.


Excellent read! Like this new character. Hopefully, the sequel is coming soon.


I thought this one to be an action adventure book for kids. Literary license aside, the plot was completely implausible. It looks like the author is starting an "Atlee Pine - - fearless FBI agent and world savior super woman" series. I'm a Baldacci fan but I, for certain, won't be buying any more Atlee Pine stories.


Poorest Baldacci book I’ve read and I read most of his books. Still puzzled about plot and its “resolution”?

Baldacci Super Fan

This has got to be the work of an imposter. It was more comedy than mystery. Not the work of one of the nations greatest author. What a disappointment. This book can not end soon enough.


Where is Will Robi, #6


The attacks on our president from every direction are tiring and sickening. I did not expect to see it so blatantly in this book. My last Baldacci book, I’m afraid


Another excellent book by Mr. Baldacci, I have read everything that he has written and it just keeps getting better.

Peter 14

Great story. Unique characters. And the Grand Canyon as a backdrop!

Grasping at straws

As a longtime fan, I was eagerly awaiting the release of this latest book, only to be disappointed. The plot never really reeled me in as a reader and the ending became predictable once the plotline was developed. I feel pretty confident the N. Koreans would have more imagination than this story suggests, and very few would believe the scenario created around the central idea. This book felt forced all the way through. And at some point I was forcing myself to just get it finished. Baldacci set high standards for his writing with his earlier novels. Unfortunately this latest work does not make the grade.