Beauty in Lingerie PDF Download

Beauty in Lingerie PDF Download

By: Penelope Sky
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-04-17


They are falling in Love ! & everybody loves his Muse I just hope she makes the right decision! Conway is a great man


Penelope Done it again. Can’t wait until the next book.


Book #2 was great- I’m addicted! I can’t wait for the rest of the series!


I literally finished the book in a couple of hours! The series just keeps getting better and hotter! I love seeing Sapphires “Muse” and Conway’s passionate relationship develop. The romance in their relationship is super hot 🔥🔥🔥 as much as they try to deny what they truly feel for one another. In this book Penelope reconnects us with the past bringing our favorite characters from the Button series back. Sapphire introduces herself as Conway’s girlfriend to get the respect she wants from Conway. I love that Sapphire stands her ground not letting Conway control her. She’s independent, strong, and smart. She demands his respect and to be treated as his equal. She reminds me so much of Button. I cannot wait for the third installment!!!! The book has me so emotionally invested! I’m rooting for Sapphire and Conway!


OMG! I didn’t honestly think she could top Crow and Cane’s stories. She has truly outdone herself once again and I am hooked! I love all of her stories! I understand it may be a trigger for some but her stories do prove that there is still love out there! I love your stories Penelope!!! Please continue with your stories! I really pray that Conway isn’t stubborn like his father but now only time will tell! I know Sapphire loves him but now to wonder will she do the right thing and stay or go?

Caroline Benefield

Great book just feels like the story is moving slow. I miss your books having lots of action in it like your stories about cane and crow and how they had to fight off bones. But maybe book 3 will have lots of action because I believe muse will take the deal and end up needing rescued.


Beauty in Lingerie is amazing! Welcome back Cane, Crow, and Button. I know Bellissima was mentioned, but I can’t wait to hear from her as well. Conway is strong and serious, like his dad! Vanessa and Muse are so much like Button. It was touching to see how deeply Button and Crow loved their children. Conway’s designs are described so vividly, I actually pictured them. Penelope writes beautifully and draws you into a world of sex, danger, and unyielding love...once it’s finally admitted. I was on edge thinking Muse or Vanessa would be captured in this book. I needed more time to prepare for that lol. This series is sexy and captivating. I’m thrilled to see what happens next. Great job Penelope!!


Holy smokes, this series gets better and better. Penelope does it again with the Barsetti story. I love getting to see “Muse” and Conway’s relationship bloom into something WAY more than just a contract. The danger in competition ruffles feathers and leaves you hanging on the the last page waiting for more!

Freshen rod

Oh my gosh love the books so far, great reads!!!