Becoming PDF Download

Becoming PDF Download

By: Michelle Obama
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs,
Relase Date: 2018-11-13


You don’t have to read the book to rate it. Explains a lot of the Trumpers...


Just conceited/narcissistic talk about herself.


Not too surprised on the unwarranted hatred and vitriol in the reviews section from people who likely did not read the book. This is an excellent and candid reflection of the former FLOTUS on her life and upbringing and she does a fantastic job of weaving how she overcame obstacles in her youth to when she in her political position within the White House. I will likely revisit this book often! I highly recommend the audiobook as it is narrated by her!

Goodtime's50's to Now

To Have First Of All A Woman To Tell Honesty Her Life Story. Then To Have A First Lady In One Of The Greatest Power Of U.S.A. Try To Tell How It Was For Her And Her Husband In Power To Share All There Heart For 8 Years And Get All The Respect From People ( Some People ). I Love You And I Brought Your Book. Please Make More.❤️❤️❤️❤️


I would recommend.

Ned Bishop

Absolutely awful!

Rowboat captain

Just bad


So thankful to have been able to read an insightful telling of one of the most unique families in American politics. Michele’s experiences and stories will hopefully inspire many to reach further than they thought possible and become more than they thought possible because of this book, this remarkable woman and her remarkable family.

Great super duper book!!!

Just another way to earn money. She is old news!


Not too interesting


Its an inspirational book to so many young people


I love it