Good Girl PDF Download

Good Girl PDF Download

By: Jana Aston
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-05-15


With every book, Jana Aston continues to show her gift for character writing, and to elevate her genre. Or maybe she’s not elevating, so much as opening the doors to a new genre.. Contemporary comedic smut, anyone?

Seriously right now come on

I seriously almost dies laughing at one point. Has to stop reading for a min cause I was laughing so hard. Great book. Only thing I wish it wasn’t rushed through....I felt like it was rushed over through a lot of it.


Lydia gets kissed by a stranger in a bar and is quite taken by him. Then she finds out he’s her new boss, Rhys. When she approaches him to proposition him, she gets some very mixed signals. So, she devised a plan to catch his interest and to see if he has any true interest. Losing her virginity at 22 is way more work than she expected. This was a funny, hot read. Lydia is a uniquely honest and truly Good Girl and Rhys is the gorgeous bad boy who fights against the inevitable—but hopefully not until it’s too late.


Jana really knows how to make you laugh. Read her books. They are the best.


This 22 year old acts about 5. So unrealistic. No one is that big of a moron. How could any man be turned on when someone says, “are we gonna do the sex now?” So idiotic. I only continue to read because I paid for this crap book.


Love Jana’s previous books. Good Girl started out okay; a little hot and funny. But by midpoint of the book, Lidia became more unrealistically immature, pathetic and moronic chapter after chapter after chapter. I had 5 chapters left but couldn’t finish it. This is my first time ever not finishing a book and I’m an avid reader.


I found the leap the character from goody-goody to prostitute unbelievable. However, I still enjoyed the book and the characters development.

B. L. Fe78

I loved this book and can't wait for Payton’s book.


4 stars


Good Girl - So Good! I think I’m kinda in love with a Good Girl! Lydia is funny and quirky and amazing. Rhys never even has a chance against her awesomeness! And I SO want more of EVERY supporting character!! Give me more!!! I don’t know when I’ve just completely enjoyed a book so much! “I thought if he just gave me a chance he might like me in a several-months kind of way instead of a two-day-shipping kind of way. That was the plan after all. Sorta the plan. Falling in love with him was not the plan.” -More than 5 Stars!-


Jana Aston is a comedic genius! She should write for television, but of course, it would have to be for cable since she has such a naughty mind. Ms. Aston’s latest novel, Good Girl, is a seriously funny romantic comedy. The story is well paced. The plot is straight forward and easy to follow. There is no real angst, and the humor is over-the-top. I was literally laughing out loud at Lydia’s antics and Payton’s creatively mixed up phraseology. Lydia is the perfect nerd. The former Girl Trooper is a total “good girl”. Her innocence and enthusiasm are adorable attributes. Her best friend Payton, is not quite so innocent, but she is 100% a loyal friend with the best of intentions when it comes to her gal pal, Lydia’s interest in Rhys, her swoon new boss. Ms. Aston has made it chic to be a virgin who holds out for someone worthy. her quirky sense of humor shines through her characters and their wacky predicaments. I fell for all the characters in Good Girl, but recent-college-graduate, Lydia is one of my all time favorites. Good Girl is a feel-good, laugh-out-loud read that left a smile on my face. I got my reading badge, and now I’m working on my bug-the-author-for-more-books-about-these-characters badge.


This book is AWESOME!! Lydia is a 22 year old virgin straight out of college and starting her first post graduate job at the Windsor hotel and casino. She and her best friend/roommate go to a bar to have a drink after moving to Vegas. At the bar, Lydia gets a unforgettable kiss from a stranger. We find out this stranger is her new boss’s, boss, Rhys. His family owns a lot of companies and The Windsor is his contribution to the family’s name. He is a 34 year old bachelor who doesn’t have time for relationships. But he can’t quit thinking about that good girl he kissed at the bar. This book was hilarious. I loved Lydia and how she was determined to get what she wanted. Her inner dialogue and the stuff that came out of her mouth had me laughing my butt off. Her friend Payton is just as funny. I can’t wait to get her story! All the Trooper girl stuff was brilliant. Rhys was initially a big jerk. He wanted her, but he didn’t want to want her. I did get a good kick out of how his friends goaded him about Lydia. I thoroughly loved this book. I highly recommend it. And I can’t wait to see what Ms. Aston comes up with next!