The Guilty Wife PDF Download

The Guilty Wife PDF Download

By: Elle Croft
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2017-12-01


It all begins with a secret affair with a married man. A public figure worth millions unwilling to risk exposing his personal indiscretions to the public. Story: Caught up in a web of lies Bethany finds herself a suspect in a murder case with the man she was having an affair with. Unable to properly grieve the loss of her lover for fear of exposing her infidelity she slowly starts to unravel. Bethany didn’t have the freedom to come clean with her lies instead she buried the truth with more lies building her own guilty verdict. When the lies get piled higher and higher it’s difficult to sort out the truth from the lies, so more lies are construed. Every character introduction leads to suspicious concerns. With the added threats this is turning into quite the thrilling tale. All the facts point to guilty it’s crazy how one little indiscretion leads to terrifying consequences. Overall: I read with a speed that matched The Tasmanian Devil. I was focused on proving my strategy by racing to the finish line. I was determined to look for any clues pertaining to my hunch. I dissected every scenario along side Elle. She was crafty with her assumptions swaying the reader into believing all her scenarios. She was very persuasive in all her arguments. Elle wrote a fantastic and clever story which kept me guessing every step of the way. I’m proud to finally say that this book was a page-turner. Some reviewers claim this to be true yet often times it’s not. Bethany’s behavior had me laughing at times because her tactics for finding clues reminded me of the actors in Horrible Bosses. Her amateur detective skills created some funny moments. Sure this was a serious situation, yet I couldn’t help but laugh at Bethany for attempting to bury the truth with more lies or maybe it was burying more lies with lies. Either way she was a strong character pushing to survive a situation that wasn’t easy to escape. I loved trying to decode the clues by sorting through all the information provided. I felt like a detective piecing the clues together and hoping my results came back correct. I fought to believe that he was really dead. I kept thinking it was a ploy to market that documentary and book. There were so many angles to consider it was hard to pinpoint the truth. But if you look closely it is their in plain sight. While the motive isn’t easy to determine the actions can be identified.

last timeer

What trash

lifecoach 4 u

This is the first time I have written less than 5 star review. In spite of the author’s effort to enhance the tension with a sense of suspicion of each character who might have been the murderer, the reader is totally let down. The ending is the most disappointing ending of any book I’ve read in the last 50 years. So sorry to have to write my first negative review.


Fun read...I liked the plot twists...but, the real killer was kept out of so completely that there were no clues that she could have done, disappointing in that respect. Still a good read!


This book was great full of suspense until the end, didn’t seem very thought out. Disappointed


Tight writing, and a totally unexpected ending. The tension never lets up!


Such an amazing book had me on my toes !!!!!!!!!

Kelly Birdsell

This book was great !!! I couldn’t put it down, read the whole thing in a day and half. Highly recommend, although the ending got me. Could be a part 2, Id buy it !!!! GOOD READ for sure !!!!