Every Breath PDF Download

Every Breath PDF Download

By: Nicholas Sparks
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-10-16




Read this book in two days. Completely captivated me. Only bummer was finding out it wasn’t a true story.


This is a very moving book; in fact, it made me cry several times, which is rare for me. There were parts that were disappointing, and I won’t give away any spoilers. But there were also parts that made my heart well with joy. “Every Breath” is essentially a love story, but it is also a story about believing in what seems unbelieveable, in hoping when there is no logical reason to hope. I appreciated that there was no cursing in the book, and I think it shows a special gift of writing, that Sparks didn’t find it necessary to rsort to that. It is a uniqe story, in that one of the well-drawn “Characters” is not a person, but a mailbox in which people share their hopes, dreams, greifs and joys. Sparks’ story was not predictable, and he is skilled at presenting surprises. I also enjoyed learning a little bit about Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa. I recommend this book.


It always makes me so sad to read stories of love and time lost . Tru and Hope’s love was so strong and pure. I’m happy they found their way back to one another.

Brooke 🖤💜



Preorder & was charged however it won't download


One of Nicholas Sparks’ best books yet. Second only to the Notebook. Loved it!


Couldn’t put it down read it in two days


So bad, I can’t even finish it...don’t waste your time or money on this drivel...


Thank you


I thought this book was NOT up to par for him.I knew how it would end without Reading the last chapters.


By far his best book in years. Truly wonderful