Straight Up Love PDF Download

Straight Up Love PDF Download

By: Lexi Ryan
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-05-08


I really loved the first book in The Boys of Jackson Harbor Series, so I just had to read this one!! OMG! Lexi Ryan is moving up on my list of one click authors! This was such a sweet friends to lovers romance. Jake! Oh lord, Jake is such a sweet, sexy, dependable she remained JUST his friend for so long, I do not know! Except that Ava hasn’t always been treated very nice by the men in her life, her father, her ex-husband....they put her down and made her feel not enough. It was ALWAYS her friendship with Jake that got her through everything. He was always there for her. And when Ava decides she’s gonna have a baby, it’s Jake who is going to be there for her again. Why? Because Jake loves Ava. Don’t miss this one guys. It’s a beautiful story. It gets very emotional at times, but you will love it! Just look at that cover, aren’t they a gorgeous couple?! And I must say Jake is definitely perfect book boyfriend material!!


Loved this book and jake and Ava ! Such a good story line, but I finished to fast n have to wait for he next one in August? I hope it’s Colton’s story or should I say Molly’s? Jake and Ava’s story had many turns but such a heart felt ending. A definite must read.


This one I never wanted to end! Lexi Ryan, you are the best! I fell so in love with Ava and Jake! There were times I wanted to yell at Ava to wake up and smell the roses! Jake is so in love with her and she just doesn’t see it. He’s always been there for her as her best friend even though she thought she loved someone else! I loved every word of this book! It was so hard to put down but I had to at least feed my family 😁


Straight Up Love is the second book in The Boys of Jackson Harbor series. This book follows Jackson and Ava, best friends since they were kids. Ava has reached her 30th birthday and wants nothing more than to have a child. Who does she turn to for help? None other than her best friend Jackson. The catch, Jackson has been in love with her for years and isn't about to give up the goods without making her see that. I have to say, I liked Jackson more than Ava. She was wholly oblivious to Jackson's feelings for her, even after he expressed them in different ways at different times. Her inner dialogue swung so far back and forth in her indecision, she made it difficult to follow her logic at times. But...because there is always a but...Jackson perseveres and shows what being a true friend is really all about. In typical Lexi Ryan fashion, the book is filled with angst and a neat little twist in the end with Ava's step-sister that is going to lead in perfectly with future books. I adore these Jackson boys. Lexi Ryan is always my one-click author. I am honored when I receive an ARC from her because it is so hard to wait for the next book to come out and it makes me so happy to get it a little sooner than the rest. She's a pleasurable off the page as she is on, so maybe go find this author on FB & IG. Can't wait to see her at Book Bonanza this year so I can fangirl in person. With that said, buy the book. You won't regret it. But maybe buy book 1 if you haven't already so you can start with the first Jackson brother to find happiness and work your way through them all. This is a standalone, but deals with a series of brothers so you'll want to read them all.

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Sexual tension at maximum extreme!!! Straight Up Love was a straight up knockout! I didn’t think the author could possibly manage to surpass the excellence that was The Wrong King of Love, but she did. Oh boy, did she ever! This friends-to-lovers romance puts itself in its own new category of unrequited love, unbearable longing, and unrelenting affection…this book is so sweet and savory, you won’t be able to put it down! Jake and Ava were extraordinary! Their entire relationship was a sizzling mix of desire, love, and loyalty. And the emotional push/pull dynamic of the storyline was a revolving door of unexpected challenges and situations. The dual POV story gives so much from both characters, it makes you feel as if you’re in their heads and in their hearts, feeling every single emotion running through them. And the little snippets into the lives of the extended cast of characters were the perfect teases to tide the reader over, and just enough to pique the curiosity for whose love story is next. Straight Up Love was everything I was hoping for, and more! I am completely IN LOVE with the boys of Jackson Harbor! Each book has been absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait for the next story in this to-die-for series!