The Wright One PDF Download

The Wright One PDF Download

By: K.A. Linde
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-05-29


This book!!! It had all the feels in it. It picked up where Love left off, and what a ride it was!!! I could almost feel Sutton’s anxiety with the new turn her life was taking, and how scared she was of her feelings for David. David couldn’t have been more perfect for her. He knew how to handle everything, even when it might hurt her. I loved the relationships that were reunited, and this was the perfect ending to this series!!!


Linde has blown me away this this perfectly epic ending to Sutton’s story! All the feels come out in this story! The happiness and smiles. The tears and the heartache. The wild passion. Everyone needs to read this duet! Heck, everyone needs the entire Wright series! Linde never ceases to pull me so far in to her characters stories that I never want to leave. I cannot wait to see what she’ll deliver us next! Kudos, KA Linde, on another fabulously perfect book!


I’m not even sure how to begin! This book was everything! It was absolutely everything I wanted coming into this one. My heart was broken for Sutton and David at the end of The Wright Love. I knew Linde would put it back together in this one but I wasn’t sure exactly how it would happen. These characters have been through so much together and separately. It was such a rollarcoaster of feelings throughout this series. Let me just say I am more than thrilled with how this book ended! I am going to miss these two as well as the whole Wright crew. Bravo Linde Bravo!


Gosh! I've waited so long for Sutton and David's story. Then I had to wait again for the second installment. Let me tell you, it was every bit worth the wait. Sutton still battles with guilt. Guilt over even thinking about moving on. Guilt over having feelings for someone else. Guilt over Mav not being here. David has given her space. He's given her time. He's gone as slow as she needed. Although he's a patient man, he's not sure how much more of Sutton's indecisiveness he can handle. And when she breaks things off with him, well, he knows he's done then. He can't hang on to an idea. I've loved this entire series. It's been hard to settle on just whose story has been my favorite. I think I was waiting on Sutton's story all along. She's not like the others. She's independent. She doesn't let the family business decide her career. David is every bit as perfect for her and he can get. I couldn't imagine these two not together. The story that the author weaved was one that was just magical. It's intriguing and complicated, angsty and breathtaking. I loved every word. This series is one of my favorites. This duet was the perfect way to end it!


KA Linde left us in The Wright Love with one hell of a cliffy, so I couldn't have been happier to see this land on my kindle. You MUST read The Wright Love before reading The Wright One. So if you haven't read it - don't keep reading, my review may have book one spoilers. Sutton had finally let her walls down and let David in to only have her world blown apart by his secrets.  And the secrets are so deep that Sutton is unsure that she will ever rebound from the hurt. David's secrets are HUGE, but as the story unfolds you see the reason behind his deception.  As I felt in The Wright Love, David is an incredible man, he has a past that has damaged him but he's doing his best to rebound.  He's a sweet loving man who wants the best for Sutton. Being only a year since she lost Maverick, Sutton continues to have concerns with "moving on".  In great KA Linde fashion, there is angst, drama, intrigue and some hot and sexy. Since the first Wright book, I have wanted to be a part of this family, these children who have come from a home without a mother, a destructive father and have come from the ashes with only each other.  Their stories are inspiring and give you hope that even coming from sadness, everyone deserves a happy ending.  KA Linde's books take you on an emotional rollercoaster with each story she weaves and this entire series has given me all that I love about reading.  I will miss the Wright Family.


This is the conclusion to The Wright Love. It was a roller coaster ride. Will they or won’t they stay together? Sutton has experienced so much loss in her lifetime. Will she be able to open her heart again? You see her grow as a person. David held a major secret (as you found out in The Wright Love) from Sutton. Will she forgive him? They say when you love someone enough, you should walk away....


We finally get the conclusion to Sutton and David’s story and I loved it! After finishing book one I needed book two now. It was worth the wait and couldn’t have ended any better. Sutton and David are perfect for each other with amazing chemistry. Sutton has a hard time letting people in and her trust was broken. I could understand her hesitation with David but kept hoping it would happen for these two. David is such a sweet guy and willing to do whatever it takes to make Sutton comfortable. Will these two be able to finally make a go at it? I loved this book and couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend this duet!


I normally love KA Linde’s books. But this one I finished it just going “meh”. It was cute. It was fine. Predictable. But I don’t know. Nothing left me feeling amazing after it. There was so much unneeded drama. And I know Kyla’s books are always full of angst, so I expected some. I just think this one has random angst put in just to make the books a duet. It always bothers me when a couple fights-breaks up and then basically gets back together the first time they see each other after the fight. Soooo many books do it. And then the drama with Mavericks mom. 🙄 Sutton then breaks up again with David. Ugh the back and forth of the “I’m not ready. I’m ready” stuff just kind of drove me crazy. I’ve never lost anyone close to me like Sutton did so maybe people do act like that. I’m not sure. But it drove me annoyed reading it. I don’t know how David put up with it. Obviously there’s going to be another Wright book as well because none of the drama of the Van Pelt stuff got resolved. Or I missed something in the book. So anyway, the book is cute. Their relationship beautiful and all (finding love after it being lost) but I just didn’t care for all the drama. So that’s why I rated it 3 stars.


Whew! My stomach was in knots for this whole book but it was so worth it! I’ve been rooting for Sutton this whole time even when my heart was breaking for her. Will she embrace her second chance? Walk away? Will her grief blind her for the rest of her life? Ugh. Such a roller coaster. So so good!!


I tend to find K A Linde's Hot Heroes irresistible, sometimes to the point where I don't think the women they choose are worthy (I'm looking at you, Liz). Maybe this is because I am small and petty. Or maybe it's because the Morgan Wrights are so few and far between. David Calloway is an exceptional Hot Hero. He's smart. He's successful. He CARES. And he's devoted and loving and very--uh--skilled, if you know what I mean. There were times when I wanted to reach into this book and whisper to him, "You deserve better." It isn't that I don't feel for Sutton and sympathize with her. I'm not that hard-hearted. It's more that the way she treats David frustrates me on his behalf. As K A Linde shows, though, Sutton deserves her happiness, even if she doesn't quite understand that. Sutton believes she needs to suffer in her widow's weeds. If she walks away from her grief too soon, doesn't that mean that she didn't love Maverick enough? And if Maverick, with all of his youth and vigor, could die suddenly, doesn't that mean that anyone could? Why put yourself at risk of losing someone else? This is a fantastic conclusion to Sutton and David's story. K A Linde keeps developing and revealing more about her characters and her story, which makes this book such a good read. And, of course, there are the scorching hot sexy times. They are absolutely divine!


Oh man the roller coaster continues!! This picks up where the cliffhanger of the last one left off and doesn’t miss a beat as it continues. You’ll spend a lot of this book happy, some of this book with high blood pressure, and a bit of it sad. However, you’ll love every page. The ending will also grab and pull every heartstring you have. What a great way to wrap up the Wrights!


Sutton Wright is my hero. Her determination and strength were inspiring and David is seriously the best guy ever. They have a lot to overcome in this one. I loved this epic conclusion to The Wright Love Duet. It was pure angsty feely goodness!