The Wrong Kind of Love PDF Download

The Wrong Kind of Love PDF Download

By: Lexi Ryan
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-02-12


It was absolutely amazing! Ethan and Nic’s story start out as two people who have been missing something from their lives. Nic is a pleaser and a fixer. I’m so glad that she grew a backbone and stood up for herself. Ethan is in a place where he is yet to move on. Together they find each other and what has been missing in both their lives. The Jacksons are a fun and close family. I enjoyed all of their characters! It was just the right amount of steamy scenes! I loved it and can’t wait to read the rest of the books!

mirna s

I read this book in a weekend thats how good it is!!!


I couldn’t put it down! I could feel the passion through the writing! It’s romantic and funny! Definitely recommend!


I would give this a 100 if it would let me but sadly 5 is the highest star rating I can give. I absolutely love this book and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series. I read the book in like a week and I never do that with books which goes to show how addicted to it I was. Absolutely phenomenal book!!!!

Ana Liz 9093

I fell in love with this book! I recommend to anyone who is looking for a new series because the next one is probably going to be as good as this one!!!


Great book! It was the right kind of read ❤️ couldn’t put it down. Thank you!


Turns out to be the best kind of love. Great story


First of all I NEVER write reviews but this one was a must. This is my first Lexi Ryan book but it will not be my last. This book is so raw and real, and worth every single dime! I'm so excited to read this series❤️

Kelly_BTC Blog

I would endure bitter, cold weather for just a small taste of Ethan Jackson! Goodness gracious….The Wrong Kind of Love is all kinds of RIGHT! It’s sweet, salacious, and heartbreakingly beautiful, wrapped up in a to-die-for cover! This love story takes you on the wild ride of secrets, lies, and betrayal, while further enticing you with the sinfully provocative relationship between boss and employee. This story isn’t your common hot daddy/nanny story, but a romance that challenges the character’s ability to look past what’s right in front of them, and look deeper into the soul of a person. I loved this book! The storyline, characters, and intensely raw emotions were a stunning blend that simply radiate off the pages! An absolute must-read!!! 5 Stars!


Beautiful story! Loved it from the beginning to end. It takes you on a roller coaster of feelings for each of the characters and demands that you become one with their stories and lives. You will laugh, tear up maybe and smile a lot while reading the story of Nic and Ethan... and of course little Lilly and the other Jackson clan! Could not put the book down, stated up all night so that I could go to sleep happy knowing how the story ends. Small town Alabama girl challenges herself to do the unexpected when her life is turned completely upside down... luckily the stars aligned and lead her to the very place she was meant to be all along! Read it to find out where... I promise it’s worth it! #lexiryanalwaysdelivers #readinoneday #lexiryan


The Wrong Kind of Love by Lexi Ryan is the first book in her brand new series, The Boys of Jackson Harbor . Told in dual POV between Nicole, the twin running away from an almost wedding disaster, and Ethan, the hot guy in the bar AND her new boss. While the synopsis is funny in an epic disaster kind of way, the overall emotion of the book is romance, angst, and love with a side of humor. Nicole is shaken to the core by her sister's betrayal. A little less shaken by the betrayal of her almost husband. Leaving the state with her sisters purse instead of her own by mistake, she ends up taking her sisters flight to Michigan leaving her gossipy town of Jeffe, Alabama in her dust. Ethan has been at a standstill since his wife's death. When his mother insists on helping him hire a nanny so she can go on vacation, a lifelong dream of travelling through Europe, he relents. He lets her handle all the details. When he sees a beautiful woman at his brothers bar one night, her eyes looking just as sad as he feels inside something clicks for him with her like it hasn't once since his wife passed. Pretending to be her twin sister, taking the job that Veronica had lined up to nanny for three months, Nicole is beyond shocked when he mystery man from the bar that brought her pleasure beyond anything she's ever known turns out to be her new boss. Well written and well paced this was a wonderful story or love, healing, family, and fate. Next up: Straight Up Love and Dirty, Reckless Love. Enjoy!


Oh this book. Lexi Ryan has written a sexy, sweet, realistic, love story. I absolutely loved The Wrong Kind of Love. Ethan is a doctor and, a widowed, single father. His mother and the rest of his family help him with his daughter so he can be on call, and occasionally hang out with his brothers. Nic shows up at his brother's bar, wanting to forget her day and the past few months of her life. Nic is a special heroine. I loved her, she was real and flawed, but a beautiful person. Her connection was instant with Lilly, and I loved the two of them together. I highly recommend The Wrong Kind of Love. The story touches on things that are uncommon in romance novels these days, and it was handled with care. The story was evenly paced, and I was addicted to Ethan and Nic, dying to see what would happen next between the two. It has a wonderful cast, and I already have my fingers crossed for future books and couples. I'm especially hoping to see more of Veronica, the supporting character that intrigued me the most. *review copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads*