Breathe PDF Download

Breathe PDF Download

By: Carly Phillips
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-05-15


Jake and Phoebe were in foster care together. After being discovered together, Jake was sent away and she was left with their unborn child. Phoebe was finally pulled out by her long list Aunt and 6 years later she runs into Jake. Can he accept his son, can they start over? Wonderful characters as always and they were well defined.


Second chances are a beautiful thing. In this story it’s a very beautiful thing. Carly Phillips tells this story of second chances between Jake and Phoebe effortlessly. It’s a bit of a slow burn romance. It needed to be especially considering their situation. Separated for twelve years and discovering they shared a child would make an instalove story a little far fetched. A lot has happened to both Phoebe and Jake during their time apart. For Jake he has come to except his past and has worked hard to become a different man. For Phoebe things have worked out a lot differently. Whole Jake has found a way to bring down his walls, Phoebe has worked to keep them up. I admired Jake’s persistence when it came to pursuing Phoebe. To make them what they should have been all along. Phoebe had a lot to work through and with Jake and her family’s help she was able to do so. Finally giving them and their family the HEA they deserved. A story told at the perfect pace and with effortless ease. Breathe is one I will come back to again.


Ithere doesn’t appear to be anything tragic to trigger doubts and fears. I enjoy the way Ms Phillips writes and the way her words flow. I can’t wait for “Freed” and read Juliette’s story.


Carly Phillips writes from the heart. I am grateful she shares her stories with us. Rosewood Bay is a quaint beach town with regular people working hard to make a living and find love. The second book in the series is another hit! Phoebe thinks about her son’s father often, she just hasn’t seen him since she was sixteen. Both were foster children in the same foster home. Jake was sent away and had some hard times before he decided to turn his life around. Phoebe was lucky to have a supportive family member rescue her from foster care. Phoebe is shocked to see that Jake is the contractor on the renovation project she is overseeing. Both have some big decisions to make in their lives. Their connection and chemistry are off the charts. Life is messy, but love is worth the work!

Jen G F

ARC for honest review with no compensation Breathe is book 2 of the Rosewood Bay series by Carly Phillips and what an amazing second chance at finding the one who was taken away... Phoebe and Jake were both in foster care, in the same home and became more than friends until they were discovered together and he was taken from the home never to be heard from again. Little did Phoebe know that losing Jake, finding her Aunt and a surprise pregnancy would change her life. Now years later Jake comes back in her life totally unexpectedly, he's divorced with a daughter and still holding a torch for the girl from foster care..only to come face to face with that girl when he see Phoebe at a job site he is bidding on? Little does he know that he has a son too. Phoebe now has to determine if he is the same person from foster care or a changed man before she tells him about her life after he was removed from foster care. Will these two find that the love they had for each other all those years ago still holds true or have they both changed to much to open up and find love?? Was fun catching up with Kane and Halley and looking forward to seeing if their other sister, Juliette come back into their lives...


Another great book by Carly Phillips. I Loved it! It captured my attention from the beginning, I couldn’t put it down. A great second chance romance with real emotion. I love the characters and the story. Love this series, can’t wait to read more. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


Can you tame the bad boy? Phoebe thought she had a chance until fate stepped in the way. And so the story begins of teenaged lovers trapped in a system hoping to get by and get out together. Fast forward twelve years and now Phoebe finds her one time love on her home turf. How does she tell him he has a son? Is he married? Does he have a family? All of the questions begin to plague her. Again, fate takes control when a freak encounter introduces Jake to his son. I felt for Phoebe throughout the book. I understood her fears of abandonment. When you lose control of something (being put in foster care, for example) you try to control other areas of your life to prevent disappointment and hurt. It doesn't always work, but you do what you have to. I love that she had her sister, Halley, in her court and could talk to her. And, the fact that Halley went and talked to Jake, even though Phoebe didn't know she was going to. I'm looking forward to Juliette's story. It will be interesting to see how the sisters react to each other.

Amy L momma

I really am enjoying this series. Phoebe has been a single mom since day one. Her aunt helped her to raise her son and get off in the right foot. But a chance meeting with Jake, her son’s father, has her taking a chance on love again. Jake has finally found the one woman he can’t forget, and a son he didn’t know existed. And now they must see if they can get back to the live they had and become a family. Very sweet story of second chances! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


I loved Fearless so much, I really wasn’t sure I could love Breathe just as much, but boy was I wrong! I think the Rosewood Bay series has become my new favorite series from Carly Phillips. Phoebe Ward was only a small part of Fearless and I thought I had her figure out by her actions then. Phoebe is so very different from her sister Halley, yet I found myself loving her character every bit as much as Halley. She has to be pretty strong to have survived foster care and being a teenage mother. Yes her Aunt Joy and Halley have been there to help once they left foster care, but the one person Phoebe always wanted with her was Jake Nichols, her son Jamie’s father. Phoebe and Jake still had an attraction to one another from the moment they saw each other again. OMG I absolutely loved them as a couple. I loved that Jake was ready to start over with Phoebe as soon as they met and was very upfront about what had happened in his life since they last saw one another. I have to say I didn't necessarily agree when Phoebe waited to tell Jake about Jamie, but loved that Jake accepted it and the delay with understanding even though he was angry at the delay. I loved seeing Jake and Jamie meet and connect so quickly and seeing Jake and Phoebe reconnect gave me all the feels. They had the most amazing chemistry and I absolutely loved them as a couple. I have to say I was pretty surprised by Phoebe pulling back the way she did. I could tell she loved Jake every bit as much as he loved her. I have to say Phoebe seemed like such a strong and confident person, so I was really surprised that Phoebe had some of the same abandonment issues as Halley. It made perfect sense after I thought about it, but still came as a surprise to me. I loved it took a confrontation with Jake's ex-wife Lindsey to make Phoebe see what was right in front of her and in her heart. Breathe was such a beautiful and emotional romance. I have loved all of the characters we have met so far in the Rosewood Bay series and can't wait to meet Phoebe's and Halley's little sister Juliette in the next book, Freed. Rating: 5 Stars (A) Review copy provided by publisher


I loved Breathe by Carly Phillips. The second book in the Rosewood Bay series. This was probably one of my favorite books from Carly. The story was a second chance romance between Jake and Phoebe. Phoebe is the oldest of the Ward sisters and a single mother to Jamie. After meeting Jake in foster care when they were teenagers and then getting separated. They meet again years later, when they end of having to work together on a project. Jake is a contractor for a construction company and Phoebe is a realtor. Can they forget the past and move onto a new life together? This storyline hooked me in and absolutely loved this! I definitely recommend this book and the first book in the series Fearless. Can’t wait to read Freed the third book and Juliette’s story!


Beautiful second chance love story!!! This is number 2 in the Rosewood Bay series and it’s a gem. Phoebe Ward has not had an easy life. She was in foster care, became a teenage mom and lost her first love. Thankfully she had her aunt and sister and survived. Life has turned around. She is a successful realtor and single mom. Jake Nichols was the classic teenage bad boy. Out of control, he was placed in foster care, discarded and ended up in prison. His life was turned around by a caring parole officer and he is now a successful contractor. When these two find each other again, sparks fly. Their teenage love had never died, they were just forced apart. Now as adults, could they come back together and make it last? Would the past affect their future? See, classic second chance love story but so much more. Ms. Phillips‘ enables us to empathize with the characters, become invested in them and by the end of the story, we are anxiously awaiting Juliette’s story. Thanks, Carly. I can’t wait!


**Received ARC for a fair and honest review** Breathe is the 2nd book in the Rosewood Bay series. I personally don't think that this book could be read as a standalone as the first book has to do with Phoebe's (the h in the story) sister and has a lot of their backstory. This was a very enjoyable read I would rate this book at 4.5 stars. Phoebe hasn't had the easiest life, between a drug addict mother and thrown into foster care she's got a lot of hangups. Not to mention that she got pregnant at 16 and now has a son, Jamie that she's been raising with the help of her aunt who pulled her and her sister out of foster care. Phoebe wanted to make something of her life and has become a successful realtor. It's during a transaction with a house going on the market that she runs into her first love, and also Jamie's father, Jake. She tried to find him for years unsuccessfully and when she meets the contractor making upgrades to a property low and behold there he is. Jake was kicked out of the foster home he was in for corrupting what the family deemed an innocent girl, aka Phoebe. After getting kicked out, life wasn't easy for him and he made a lot of mistakes. But those mistakes led him to Master's Construction, who gave a degenerate kid with a record a chance. Now years later he's done well for himself and when he's working on a construction job and the realtor comes in, the last person he's expecting is the only person he's ever truly loved. This was a great story. I really enjoyed the characters, though you never want strife, the strife was believable and something common, ex spouse issues. Really enjoyed Phoebe and Jake together, enjoyed how Jake stepped in immediately to take care of his son, and battled the ex and made sure there was no differentiation between the kids. I was sad that you didn't see Jake's mom meeting the Jamie though. The first book was ok, but I loved this book. I also loved seeing Halley and Kane in the book and updates on them, and Aunt Joy. I can't wait for the next book in the story!!! That I'm not giving any spoilers for. Hope this helps. Happy Reading!!!