Serpentine PDF Download

Serpentine PDF Download

By: Laurell K. Hamilton
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Relase Date: 2018-08-07


I have read all of the Anita Baker series and have enjoyed them for the most part, some more than others. That said, this was probably my least favorite. I felt it was very slow to really hit its stride and the mood of the beginning made it a challenge to keep reading. Alas, I suppose hey can’t all be good. Hopefully there next will be better.


Loved the story wish there had been more action it always seams like it’s the last 50 pages. Was very happy there was not so much sex.

Not on edge

Feels like more of the same. It’s all love drama & then slam the good stuff into last 3 chapters & done. I understand the character is changing/has changed, but I miss good old Anita.


Ms Hamilton as usual didn’t disappoint but she needs to add something different to her story line maybe make it more exciting as far as the hunting for the “bad guys” goes it’s all the same ole same ole, maybe one time the bad guy escapes to hunt another day or maybe a different form, or maybe able to change forms at will, have different more exotic venues, have one character that’s hard to kill or have one of her many “men” be really complicated or can change to many shapes, something to mull over......


The title says it all. This is one of THE best books in the Anita Blake series. I’m soooo glad Miz Hamilton has gone back to writing stories, not smut. While I like a good sex scene, I LOVE a real story with character developments, good dialogue, and “real” problems.


Been a huge fan of Laurell’s merry Gentry and Anita black novels. Can’t wait for the next Merry book! While many of her Anita novels have been too short or mainly back to back sex scenes with recap info from the previous novel, this one was a great balance. I notice when the book features Anita and Edward working together, we get a great mystery and adrenaline pumping action. I’ll admit this is the first time one of her books has actually frightened me a bit since guilty pleasures, her first Anita novel. I won’t give away much, but there are some CSI factors that make my skin crawl. The green mythology aspect and Celtic fae lore is so refreshing and fascinating!!! She’s written before about some of the fae lore and I would love to see more! Overall it’s an erotic thriller, with mystery and action and fantasy mixed in so well, it makes me wish real life could be so interesting!!! Side note, there are some very mature, edgy themes so it’s definitely not for young adults or anyone under 25 years old lol.


Loved the book Hamilton! ❤️🤟🏼😈


A must read for Anita Blake and Edward fans. Could not put the book down till I completed it. The four horseman road again!

Literal Addiction's Pack Alpha

Our Review (eBook) by LITERAL ADDICTION's Scholastic Siren - Sara: I think Ms. Hamilton is trying to bring the series back to its roots. This installment, and the last couple of books, have certainly seemed to head that way. SERPENTINE is reminiscent of Obsidian Butterfly, possibly my favorite book in the series. First, it has a very similar cast: Edward/Ted, Bernardo Spotted-Horse, a few shifters including Nathaniel and Micah, but no Jean-Claude. There’s a (not-so-well-kept) secret cast member, too that made me very happy. You can Google, but we don’t do spoilers here. Secondly, there is a real mystery--a missing woman from the hotel. Anita and crew really want to help because one of Anita's people is accused of the kidnapping. Soon, one missing women becomes missing people. And the police are stuck on the wrong suspect. Thirdly, there is new magic, something none of the characters are familiar with. The storylines come together really well. In fact, the second half of the book reads so quickly, it’s nearly impossible to put down. Full disclosure: I have been a fan since GUILTY PLEASURES. I stuck it out through some not-so-story-driven books so I would have read this anyway, but it was great fun! And definitely recommended.