Hot Daddy PDF Download

Hot Daddy PDF Download

By: Lila Monroe
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-04-02


Hot Daddy is the second book in her brand new, smoking hot Billionaire Bachelors series. The story of Cal & Jules is a little bit second chance romance and a whole lot of fake relationship. The story is told in dual POV, is well-paced and well-written. Filled with humor, sexiness, angst, and emotion this book was engaging and amazing. Cal McAdams needs a fiancée STAT! He has to look like he is capable of taking care of his God Children, He was given custody of them in their parents will but their aunt who previously was never in the picture is ready to battle out the custody arrangements. Never mind that the children are happiest and taken better care of with Cal. Cue the fake Fiancée. Jules Robinson took protecting her feminine virtue too far apparently when she knocked the bosses son unconscious after he whipped his member out in front of her in the office. Now she is a talented lawyer with NO job and no prospects based on the lack of return calls on her applications. When the call come sin to meet with Olivia, she thinks she is going in to offer legal advise to Olivia, NOT become one of her employees. With the money too good to turn down, she really doesn't expect her new fake fiancé to be the memorable one night stand from Vegas! Cue the swoon! Loved it! Enjoy!


I love this series. They are quick reads for me and this one definitely pulled at the heartstrings. What do you do when you are seeking custody of two children that you love so much ut don't belong to you? Hire a fake fiancée of course!! This book had a fun couple in Cal and Jules, lots of humorous parts and of course so many parts that pulled at my heartstrings. I enjoyed seeing the two of these characters develop throughout.


Once again, Lila Monroe takes you on a ride with all the feels. I literally started this book off laughing. And there was quite a bit of that. There were also some hot moments, where the chemistry was awesome. And not gonna lie, I wanted to stop & cry a few times. But as always, I’ve completely fallen in love with her writing and her characters. Totally loved. Can’t wait for the next one!!


Another great book in this series. Fun, light hearted read. Cal and Jules are not strangers after one night in Vegas but they never thought their paths would cross again. And when they under different circumstances they try to keep it professional and on track but when you have an itch unscratched you can only hold back so long. Can they convince them they are engaged. Lottie and Ez need to be with Cal and he will do anything he has to to keep them. With some twists along the way and flirty fun this book will keep you reading till the end. Lila Monroe is one of my favorite Authors. I received a advanced copy for a voluntary honest review.


This book was a sexy, fun read with the perfect amount of drama thrown in. Cal and Jules are perfect together. While he has a bit of a playboy past, she seems to tame that. She calls him on his crap when needed, and I wasn’t sure how their relationship would play out at first, but reading about it growing from business arrangement to love was fun. There were a few characters who I despised, even though one really surprised me in the end. A great must read that I would definitely recommend!!

Kelly_BTC Blog

Hot Daddy is a flirty, fun, and emotional quick read! I’m really loving this new series by Lila Monroe. Like the previous book, Hot Daddy brings you the story of two people thrust into an unconventional fake relationship due to unique circumstances. But what sets this book apart is the characters surprising history together. The author’s memorable and creative writing is once again on superior display. The character development and charisma are provocative and highly entertaining. Sparks fly from the pages, and the quick glimpse into the characters’ past as to HOW they truly know each other showcases the arousing and fiery chemistry that smolders just beneath the surface of the storyline. But it’s the tenderness and affection written into each character’s persona that captivates the story with beautiful moments of happiness and devotion. Passionate, heartwarming, and full of laughs, Hot Daddy is a definite must read!