Issued to the Bride One Soldier PDF Download

Issued to the Bride One Soldier PDF Download

By: Cora Seton
Genre: Military, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-07-10


Loved the series!! Can’t wait to read more of the other books!!


I have been waiting for this book! This is the last book (or is it?) in the series. We get the culmination of the attacks against Two Willows and the Reeds. Jack and Alice were a great couple and with her visions she kept getting tiny glimpses of them in the future, but she wasn’t ready to just let fate decide her life. I enjoyed the way the maze treated Jack differently than the other men and how it drove him nuts when he couldn’t figure something out. Now I can’t wait for Wyoming and Emerson’s story.

Jen G F

ARC for honest review with no compensation The continuing saga of the Brides of Chance Creek, Book 5 by Cora Seton and what a way to continue this series as the men keep coming to Two Willows! ! ! This story is about Alice Reed, the final unmarried daughter, Jack Sanders the last soldier left in the task force unit and of course, General August Reed along with the letters from his deceased wife. When the General reads the letters he chooses another man from his unit which he has handpicked to marry each of his daughters and keep them safe from harm and to make Two Willows (the ranch) prosper. Alice an accomplished designer and seamstress of period clothing also has second sight like her mother, she can see into future that is except her own future. As she has watched her sisters fall in love and marry the men their father has sent to the ranch she knows it now her turn to meet the man she will ultimately marry except he doesn't believe she has second sight. Jack Sanders is the last soldier being sent to Two Willows to marry Alice, who he has comes to love from her picture but doesn't believe she has second sight as people can't really see the future...he has second sight but in a totally different realm. He's determined to win her heart and keep the ranch safe from another attack. Little does he know it's coming from multiple sides.... But as usual something always happens to put everyone in danger…Can Alice and Jack proved to one another that second sight no matter how it is real and finally put a stop to whoever is determined to destroy Two Willows or will second sight be what destroys the ranch and their HEA?? Lots of sexual tension, visions of the past and future, opening of the minds, hearts and finding love. Once you start this book you won’t be able to put it down until the last word is read…..thought this was the last book in the series...but why should the General stop matchmaking now!!