Shelter in Place PDF Download

Shelter in Place PDF Download

By: Nora Roberts
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Romance
Relase Date: 2018-05-29

Cindy Demme

This is the best book to come from Ms. Roberts in some time. It takes us back to her books such as Carolina Moon (just to name one). The tragedy that occurs in this story makes you feel like you’re in the middle of this horrific event. Yet, what arises out of it is beautifully written. Well, it’s the end of September 2018. I just finished reading this fabulous book, and it still stands up as one of my most favorite books I have ever read. I love these quirky and loving characters, most particularly the indomitable CiCi. Even Barney the beloved dog survived his own tragedy to become a loving sweet pooch! Thanks Nora - Cindy D. It’s a great read - congratulations to Ms. Roberts on a spellbinding book! Cindy Demme


Good book kept the pages turning


Absolutely great! I couldn’t put it down.


Nora Roberts never fails to keep her readers glued to her books. Shelter in Place is just the next one in a series of winners. I absolutely could not put this book down. Luckily I have a very understanding husband that forgives me burning dinners, not listening and staying up late reading my favorite authors books! Thanks Nora. Judy Podkranic


Loved every minute of it!


Ms Roberts never disappoints. I’ve probably read all of her novels, some multiple times. Her characters are so rich and three dimensional , you could swear you know them, or want to. Her story telling is unsurpassed . I look forward to a new book but then I am so let down when I’m done ( usually within 24 hrs, because I can’t put it down!) I don’t want her stories to end ! She draws you in, gets you hooked. I absolutely love the way she writes! Thank you again . Sincerely a devoted fan, Kathleen Pfanner


He ae


This was hard for me to start, and I almost did not because of the current situations in our country, but I did and it was a very good book!

Kelly 31

Great read! Suspenseful, romantic, and fast paced. Kept me reading for hours.


Oh my gosh! I cried, laughed, cried some more, laughed some more. I couldn't put this book down. I NEEDED to know what would happen next. It hits straight to your heart, in this particular time, when senseless shootings are becoming the "new normal". And isn't that a sad commentary on the times we're living in? Lord, help us. You're the only one who can. ❤️


This is Nora Roberts best book yet. I so wanted to find out what happened, but also did not want the story to end.


It is very clear from the beginning when you buy this book what the subject matter is. So to later then be offended by the subject matter is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve read two reviews, both were “offended“, and yet they read the blurb of what the book was about and then bought it. You have to be a special kind of moron to be upset about the subject matter when you knew what it was going into the book. If you don’t like the subject matter, you simply don’t purchase the book.