Shelter in Place PDF Download

Shelter in Place PDF Download

By: Nora Roberts
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Mysteries & Thrillers
Relase Date: 2018-05-29


I’m a fan of Roberts and Robb. This was a somewhat different view of both. The plot was richer and more initricate, as much story as character driven. I love romance and intimacy too and see the sexual as much a part of life as the romance. I would have liked a little more of the primitive force of physical bonding in the storyline. I do see hope triumphing, as it should and does. Thank you for years of thought, escape, and complicated, nuanced characters.


I’ve read all of Nora’s books. This one seems all over the place to me. Way too many characters and different story lines. It jumps around too much for me. Sometimes I forget the plot. Disappointing.


This is a great crime/romance novel- as expected it was fast paced and extremely hard to put down. Yes it spins from a mass gun related crime and yes people die in it but it is a book; some may be “offended” by the gun related crimes “due to the issues in our country” and so if you are one of those people that can’t handle it don’t read it. The characters are real and the story weaves their lives together perfectly. I have read all of Robert’s novels and this is one of the best she has written.


What a wonderful love filled mystery covering every emotion from the wonderfully developed characters to the jobs they filled and the interesting and colorful lives they lived! Her villain was diabolical and clever. I wait impatiently for each of Nora’s books written as her or J.D. Robb! No other author has ever entertained me as she does. I remain an ever impressed fan. Trudy Orrick


Nora Roberts is an amazing author and never disappoints. This book brought all the feels and I couldn’t put it down!


I was only going to read a few pages, then come back to finish later. Nope! Once I started, I could not stop. I could see each character in my mind, from Simone, Reed and CiCi, down to Patricia. This one will definitely go in my library of “read again and again” books.

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I read for entertainment. I like happy books with some suspense and lots of romance. If I wanted to look closely at the horror, I only have to turn on the news, I don’t have to pay for the depression and pain. I am very disappointed and will not finish the book. I will be much more careful with any future purchases from Nora. Teaches me not to pre order, but to wait for a sample.


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This is by far one of Nora’s best books! Thank you


This was the hardest book I’ve ever read because I kept bawling! Nora Roberts, you made me feel all the emotions that the characters were expressing. I almost didn’t buy it because it’s such a scary subject but my faith in you as a writer had me glad I did. I purchased this book to read on a 4 hour airplane ride and had to stop and put it down so many times because, as a mom, it made me think of my children and if they had to go through this. I’m not disappointed I purchased it.


I love Nora's book..... But this is truly one of her best!!!


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