How to Change Your Mind PDF Download

How to Change Your Mind PDF Download

By: Michael Pollan
Genre: Health, Mind & Body, Professional & Technical
Relase Date: 2018-05-15


Will change what you think you knew about Psychedelics. Seems only a matter of time before they are accepted as formal treatment options for some mental disorders.


...than a fascinating tale about the history of psychedelics and Pollan's own experiences with them. It puts the blessing and curse of the human ego in a perspective I was completely unaware of. Fascinating, and useful information.


Elementary account of psychedelics at best. Author is a terrible writer ... first 300 (digital) pages could be summed up in 25! Lack of focus on history/timeline and results very repetitive. I’m shocked this book came so highly recommended and will be an active participant in passing along my negative thoughts and experience with the book should it ever come up in conversation.


A well-rounded book on psychedelics, not just “trip” stories (although those are here too). Very informative and written in a fairly easy-to-read style. It’s obvious the author spent a great deal of time and effort to understand psychedelics (read “entheogens”). Was occasionally dry due to a bunch of names, dates and science- but well worth the read if interested in the topic.




What a transformative and important book, at a time when the world feels as disconnected as can be. We are starting to dive deeper into the meaning of consciousness, and how psychedelics could be used for the betterment of human life and health. Incredibly well written and researched journey. Will read it again.

SF gal

Wonderful read, well researched, I could not put this down and read it in 2 evenings. I was pleasantly surprised to find out a whole body of research had been happening long before Timothy Leary arrived at the altar of transcendence. So unfortunate he did spoil it for the rest of us. I hope continued research will be happening as current treatments and medications for addiction and other MH issues leave much to be desired.


Extremely well researched and written on a topic that could explode in a positive way. Also much appreciated sense of humor on otherwise a very heavy topic.


I'm 20 years old and I can't put this book down. Inspiring to say the least, life changing ideas, and nothing but facts to back it up. To the author; love you and your interest in the subject, brother. Thank you for putting that much more meaning back into my life


Read it!


Guy Yyy