The Crooked Staircase PDF Download

The Crooked Staircase PDF Download

By: Dean Koontz
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-05-08

a from athens

I am a long time Dean Koontz fan. I am very impressed by the Jane Hawk novels. I read the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd books over a 1 week period with little sleep. I absolutely could not put them down and had many drowsy days at work because of them. 😬. It was worth the sleepless nights. The Crooked Staircase was action packed from beginning to end. Jane Hawk is a riveting character and I cannot wait until The Forbidden Door is released!


I always buy Dean Koontz books as soon as they are out. This one made me vow to stop. Bounced from one awful violent murder to another. I’m done.


As an avid Dean Koontz fan, I have read 75% of his work. The suspense and story line in this epic kept me engaged but the descriptive writing rambled. The spellbinding thrall I have come to associate with his books was scattered and frustrated.

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Worst book oh Dean’s I hav3 3ver read. Really hav3 been avid fan over the tears. Too much non- interesting details for my taste.quit on page261. Never have done that in my reading of reading hundreds of books


I can't believe what a jumbled mess this book is. I can't believe that when the final showdown is near the book just ends. I paid for a book expecting a beginning middle and end. I don't want to read a serial novel. I have read all of his books but this will be my last.


This book did not have a satisfactory ending. I was left disappointed and kept looking for another chapter to wrap things up. Will not be reading more of this author.

Dixie Doodle 🐶

Hello, I am a big fan of your books. I have read all three and I am very much anticipating your new book and the Jane Hawk series. This is a book that I could not put down until I get to the end .Mr. Koontz you are an incredible writer and I’m so glad for your work. Thank you. Now I’d like to say something about the series your books are so rich with all of the senses. When I read I am lucky enough to visualize your writing and be in the book as an observer. Jane Hawk series is thrilling beyond words. I was moved to tears and so much more. Thank you for your work please keep writing. Your devoted fan Vickie Tackett

read and relax

This one disappointed ...after all these years reading Koontz. The plot line took a long time to develop, and was completely predictable by the middle of the book. What motivated me to continue to read it was Koontz’s writing style, but I found that that was far from satisfying when I finally finished

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I hated to see it end. It was great. Everything that could have gone wrong did. I wonder if there’s going to be any coming back from this threat to humanity. Dean has found a new character to write about and it’s a dandy but don’t be one of those desperate writers who never end a book. Maybe just maybe you can conjure up a new character to write about AND GIVE US AN ENDING TO THIS ONE! Trust me I won’t buy the next one until I read a review about an ENDING. I’m not a sucker that will keep buying an unending story.


The Crooked Staircase is a dark, riveting and intense thriller, crafted with numerous twists and surprises. I was delighted to find that even though, I hadn’t read the first two books in the series, the plot was easy to follow. Jane Hawk and her five-year-old son, Travis, were in grave danger of being caught, by corrupt government agents. These agents were known as Techno Arcadians. They were capturing and injecting the people on their list, with a mind-altering drug, which not only took away free-will but permanently changed their brain. The Arcadian’s goal was to accomplish World Utopia, through mind-control. Former FBI agent, Jane Hawk, lost her husband, because of these evil-doers, and she was ready to have her revenge. As much as it pained Jane to leave her son with Gavin and Jessie, it was better than giving the Arcadians a chance to kidnap him. But, what if these corrupt men were to find Gavin and Jessie, and therefore, Travis, before Jane could bring them down? Like many readers, I’m not a fan of cliff-hangers. I like to know before starting a book if the story ends in one. Be warned. This book does. All and all, though, I found The Crooked Staircase to be an entertaining, dark, creepy, and fast-paced read. Thank you, Ballantine Publishing and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy.